The Eurasian Economic Union intends to revise the food labeling part of the Customs Union Technical Regulations
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   On April 8, 2021, the Eurasian Economic Union issued a draft amendment to the Customs Union Technical Regulations”Food Part Labeling” (TR TS 022/2011). The main revisions are:

  1. Increase the 15 kinds of allergens in the most common foods that cause allergic reactions and other adverse reactions;
  2, increase the 6 types of nutritional value indicators of the food that should be indicated on the label;
  3. It is stipulated that food labels shall not contain false content such as images or text descriptions that are not related to the food that are not contained in the food or are not used for production;

  4. Increase the recommended daily intake of new food and energy reference value table for adults;
  5. Add the recalculation coefficient table of vitamin equivalents.
  The feedback period for the draft is June 24, 2021.