The EU revises the maximum residue limits of 13 substances including aclofen in certain products
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Food Partner Network News According to the Official Journal of the European Union, on April 12, 2021, the European Commission issued Regulation (EU) No. 2021/590, amending Aclonifen and Boscalid (Boscalid). ), Cow milk, Etofenprox, Ferric pyrophosphate, L-cysteine, Lambda-cyhalothrin, Maleyl Maleic hydrazide, Mefentrifluconazole, Sodium 5-nitroguaiacolate, Sodium o-nitrophenolate, Sodium p-nitrophenolate, The maximum residue limits of Triclopyr in certain products have been revised at the same time as Annex II, III and V of (EC) No 396/2005. This regulation shall take effect on the twentieth day from the date of issuance.

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