The colorful rapeseed varieties selected by the rape team from the Institute of Agricultural Sciences of Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences passed the appraisal of the Provincial Society of Agriculture
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   On March 27th, the Jiangsu Agricultural Society organized experts to conduct an evaluation and appraisal meeting of the colorful rapeseed varieties bred by the Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences. The meeting invited researcher Guan Yongxiang from Jiangsu Agricultural Technology Extension Station as the leader of the evaluation expert group, and researcher He Jinlong from the Provincial Seed Station as the deputy leader. The expert group members also include researcher Yang Tianhe from the Provincial Department of Science and Technology, and Yu Chuntao from Jiangsu Agricultural Technology Extension Station. Researcher, Chen Xin researcher of Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Researcher Hu Maolong, Deputy Director of the Institute of Economics and Work, Researcher Pu Huiming and Researcher Long Weihua of the Rape Research Office attended the appraisal meeting. Yu Xiang, Vice Minister of the Science and Technology Service Department of Jiangsu Agricultural Society presided over this evaluation meeting.
  In the appraisal meeting, Yu Xiang first introduced the purpose and significance of the appraisal meeting, and then the members of the expert group went to the hospital to conduct field trips to the colorful rapeseed variety display field in the hospital to learn more about the characteristics of each colorful rapeseed variety. Subsequently, researcher Long Weihua from the rape team reported to the expert group the social needs and development status of ornamental rape, the selection and breeding methods and processes of color-flowered rape varieties to be identified, the technical difficulties in the selection of colored-flowered rape varieties, and the development of ornamental rape varieties. Development prospects and so on. The expert group conducted inquiries on relevant supporting materials based on field inspections, conducted in-depth discussions, and put forward a feasible plan for the application of colored rapeseed. Finally, after discussion, the expert group reached a consensus and believed that the relevant information of the colored rapeseed varieties submitted by the research team is complete, the data is accurate and meets the evaluation requirements; the newly-bred colored rapeseed has good ornamental value, and it is recommended that the domestic rapeseed flower The scenic spots will cooperate, with the help of the policy of multi-functional use of rape, carry out the integration of primary, secondary and tertiary industries, and promote the quality and efficiency of rape industry.