The auction volume of fresh wild tuna at Toyosu Market in Japan increased by 46.5%year-on-year
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From SeafoodNews on April 1st, according to the Japan Jiji News Agency, the number of fresh tuna auctions at Toyosu Market in Tokyo in February was 479, an increase of 46.5%year-on-year. The number of wild bluefin tuna and bigeye tuna decreased, as Mexico The number of farmed tuna has returned to the level of 2019, and the overall number of tuna in the market has begun to increase.

   In February, the supply of bluefin tuna at Toyosu’s market was 372, an increase of 2.1 times from 175 in the same period of the previous year. The supply of farmed tuna in Mexico increased sharply from 56 a year ago to 284.
  At the tuna auction, the auction house stated that the weight of farmed tuna in Mexico is mainly about 50 kg, which is the weight that buyers like. Its size is”easy to use” and is well received by buyers, calling it”this year” The fish with the highest fat content”.
   Since the size and price of bluefin tuna farmed in Ehime Prefecture, Japan are similar to those of Mexico farmed bluefin tuna, there is competition for the sales of the latter, leading to a decline in sales. The 93 tuna successfully auctioned had an average auction price of 2,093 yen per kilogram, or approximately US$19.07, down 15%year-on-year.
   There are 30 wild bluefin tuna from Greece, which was not available last year; the number of bluefin tuna from Cyprus increased from 6 last year to 9; the bluefin tuna from North Carolina was from the previous season 72 articles were reduced by nearly half to 37 articles. The bluefin tuna from Greece and Cyprus is well received and the price is reasonable, but some people point out that their airfreight time is too long and the freshness is low.
   The number of bluefin tuna in New Zealand is 12, more than 10 last year. Due to the lack of high-end tuna in Japan, these fish have attracted the attention of buyers. The auction price of the best 182 kg tuna is 8,000 yen per kg. Approximately US$72.9.
   In this auction, the number of bigeye tuna was only 11, the lowest value in February of the past ten years. It was only 1%of the 1,163 in the same period in 2013 and 86 in the same period last year. The highest price was 3,500 yen per kilogram, which is approximately US$31.74. High-quality bigeye tuna comes from Choshi and Nachikatsuura. The average auction price of bigeye tuna is 2,657 yen per kilogram, or approximately US$24.09, a year-on-year increase of 19%.