The Animal Husbandry Institute of Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences takes the lead in organizing an intelligent breeding innovation consortium seminar
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   On March 31, the Joint Equipment Institute, Information Institute, and 3 intelligent breeding equipment companies of the Animal Husbandry Institute of Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences held a seminar on the Intelligent Breeding Innovation Consortium of the Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences.
Zhong Jifeng, director of    Animal Husbandry Institute, proposed the creation of an innovative consortium. By leveraging the comparative advantages of brothers, jointly promote the technological innovation of the intelligent breeding innovation consortium, and realize the simultaneous efforts from both the demand and supply sides, and make a”big article” of seamless connection between technology and industry in the direction of intelligent breeding. Ying Shijia, deputy director of the Animal Husbandry Institute, then reported on the initial ideas of the unit composition, personnel composition and research content of the innovation consortium.
Xia Liru, director of the Equipment Institute, emphasized that the establishment of an innovation consortium must take a long-term view, calculate a big account, and seek the overall situation, promote scientific and technological achievements from original research and development to application development and research, and create a full-e Technical service system. Ren Ni, deputy director of the Institute of Information, said that the integration of modern breeding technology and information technology is the only way to realize smart animal husbandry, and it is just the right time to deploy an intelligent breeding innovation consortium from the dimensions of production, education and research. The corporate leaders of Jiangsu Shennong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Nanjing Fengdun Technology Co., Ltd., and Wuxi Fuhua Technology Co., Ltd. agreed that the idea of ​​forming a consortium coincides with the development strategy of the enterprise. The institute has become a close development community, which organically combines the industrialization advantages of enterprises with the scientific research advantages of our institute.
   Participants conducted in-depth discussions on the development of intelligent aquaculture technology and industrial needs. They reached a preliminary consensus on the issue of joint cooperation and good”innovative consortium” first moves. In the next step, the Animal Husbandry Institute will continue to implement the detailed work of the intelligent breeding innovation consortium, and accelerate the integration of production, education and research, so that the intelligent breeding innovation consortium of the Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences can achieve resource docking and landing force as soon as possible.