The 5 cities of Chengde, Meizi and Ziyi join hands to build a new regional cooperation mechanism for food safety risk prevention and control
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   In order to thoroughly implement the provincial party committee’s”one branch with multiple branches” development strategy and promote the coordinated development of the Chengdu Plain Economic Zone and other major deployment requirements, effectively strengthen the food safety supervision cooperation in the market supervision system of the five cities of Chengde, Meizi and Yi, and create a joint construction. A new model for governance sharing and regional coordinated development. On April 8, under the overall coordination and guidance of the Sichuan Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, the five municipal market supervision bureaus of Chengdu, Deyang, Meishan, Ziyang, and Yibin were in charge of leaders and food safety sampling inspections. , The responsible comrades of food inspection and testing institutions gathered in Meishan City to jointly convene the”Chengde Meizi City Food Safety Risk Warning Exchange” to analyze and judge the safety risks of key food varieties such as kimchi and white wine, and explore and formulate 5 cities to jointly develop food safety Specific measures for risk prevention and control and risk early warning communication.
  Before the exchange meeting, organize participants to conduct a field survey of Huitong Food Co., Ltd., a pickle company above the designated size in Meishan, to understand the management of the production and processing process and the key aspects of quality control of the Sichuan specialty food industry”Meishan pickles”; organize observations He visited the Food and Drug Inspection and Testing Center of Meishan City to understand the technical support of the inspection and testing institutions and the work measures of participating in the investigation of hidden food safety risks. Then, the “risk early warning exchange meeting” was held at the center to organize participants to focus on kimchi, liquor, and aquatic products. Analysis and judgment of potential risks in other fields, and put forward many suggestions and work measures to strengthen regional coordination and joint prevention and control of risks in key industries. At the same time, it further explored the combination of strengthening food safety sampling monitoring and supervision and management, that is,”inspection and supervision linkage”.”The work direction and means of promotion are highly instructive and maneuverable.
  The meeting believes that the establishment and implementation of a food safety analysis and jurisprudence meeting system is a”featured brand” and”highlight measure” of the Sichuan market supervision system, which is helping to improve the quality and efficiency of food safety supervision and enhance the ability of food safety risk early warning 1. It has important practical and guiding significance to promote the formation of a social co-governance pattern of food safety. The meeting emphasized that we must pay attention to the role of this effective mechanism, regularly analyze and judge the status of food safety daily supervision, random inspection and monitoring, grasp the characteristics and laws of food safety supervision, and understand the prone to”medium obstruction” and”intestinal obstruction”. The focus and breakthrough point of quasi-innovative breakthroughs, specifically grasp the five key links:First, we must pay attention to the use of technical means. Strengthen the investigation and management of hidden food safety risks, fully implement the 2021 food safety sampling task, and grasp the seven key points such as the establishment of sampling inspection and monitoring plan, on-site sampling, inspection and testing, data review, verification and disposal, information release, and early warning communication. Work” to provide precise targeted support for supervision. Second, we must pay attention to encouraging innovation and breakthroughs. Dare to face the shortcomings in the field of food safety supervision, focus on promoting the establishment and implementation of the”supervisory and inspection linkage” mechanism, strengthen the management of major food safety risks, solidify and form a long-term normal working mechanism, and firmly guard against regional and systematic food safety. The bottom line of risk. Third, we must pay attention to overall planning and coordination. Gather all forces to form a work force, further promote the linkage of the three-level market supervision system at the provincial, city, and county levels in the vertical direction, and strengthen the coordination and linkage between departments and regions horizontally, and work together to solve outstanding problems in the field of food safety. Fourth, we must pay attention to strengthening research and thinking. Improve work style, free from transactional work, dive into front-line investigation and research, accurately grasp first-hand information on food safety supervision, actively explore effective methods to solve food safety problems in shackles, and explore the implementation of inspection and supervision linkages and random inspections at the grassroots level Separated reforms, sampling accompanied by supervisors, guiding the public to participate in social co-governance, and carrying out risk warning exchanges and other effective work measures to improve the quality, efficiency and overall level of work. Fifth, we must pay attention to strengthening capacity building. Innovatively use a variety of methods, carry out professional training and practical exercises on a regular basis, and train more”experts” and”understanders” for food safety supervision and random inspection positions to meet the high public attention, strict professional and technical requirements, and tasks Increasingly arduous and arduous food safety work needs, effectively and effectively guarantee the people’s”safety on the tip of the tongue.”