The 2021 work video conference of the Corn Expert Steering Group of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs is held
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   On April 7, the National Agricultural Technology Center organized a video conference on the 2021 work of the Corn Expert Steering Group of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. It summarized the work of the expert group in 2020, proposed a work plan for 2021, and exchanged the current corn production situation. After analyzing the potential of corn production during the 14th Five-Year Plan, Pan Wenbo, director of the Planting Industry Management Department, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.
  The meeting concluded that the overall situation of national corn production this year is good, corn prices are running at a high level, and farmers are more enthusiastic about planting; last winter and spring, the main northern corn-producing areas have more precipitation, most areas have better soil moisture, and the temperature rises rapidly in spring. , Which is conducive to sowing corn at the right time and moisture content. However, some areas in Northeast China had a lot of precipitation last autumn and winter, and the area of ​​land preparation in autumn was small. The soil in low-lying areas was too wet, which was not conducive to land preparation operations. In some areas, there may be unfavorable weather such as low temperature and drought in spring.
  The meeting pointed out that my country’s corn yield in the 14th Five-Year Plan still has a lot of room for improvement. It is necessary to promote straw mulching, strip mulching, protective tillage and other technologies according to local conditions to promote soil fertility; breeding and promotion of density tolerance. , Machine-harvested varieties, promote variety renewal; promote rain-fed dry farming techniques such as water planting and timely irrigation according to local conditions, and high-yield irrigation techniques such as shallow drip irrigation and integration of water and fertilizer, change one-time fertilization to balanced fertilization, and promote simultaneous sowing of seed and fertilizer , Nitrogen relocation and other technologies to improve fertilizer and water use efficiency; strengthen equipment matching, realize standardized one-time operations, and improve the quality of field operations.
  Pan Wenbo fully affirmed the work of the corn expert guidance group of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs in his concluding speech. The experts closely followed the agricultural season and solar terms, focused on hot spots and difficulties, and actively carried out production guidance, technical training, scientific and technological consultation, emergency research and other work, submitted A batch of high-quality policy recommendations have provided important basis for decision-making reference. He emphasized that this year is the first year of the”14th Five-Year Plan”, and General Secretary Xi emphasized that the initiative in food security must be firmly held, and that the grain output must be stabilized at more than 1.3 trillion catties. This year’s grain production is of great responsibility. He pointed out that at present, the weather conditions in the main corn producing areas are generally favorable, and it is necessary to ensure a good start of spring planting; the expert group shall formulate technical opinions in a timely manner, pay attention to production guidance, implement key technologies, and consolidate the basis for the annual corn production; the next step, the expert group shall Study the technical path of the release of corn yield potential, summarize and refine the technical model by region, and promote the implementation of good varieties and methods.