Thailand investigates and prosecutes many durian factories to prevent raw durian from being sold to China
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According to the Thai Chinese website, Chanthaburi, Thailand organized a press conference on March 31, saying that durian quality inspections have been launched in the province recently. So far, durians from 3 factories have been found in 3 counties that have been inspected. There are quality problems.

   Among them, a durian factory named Nong A in the urban area of ​​Chanthaburi province found that 40 gallons of durians contained only 27%meat, which did not reach the standard of more than 30%. The factory has packed these durians in boxes for shipment to China. In a durian factory called Manosh in Na Yai am County, there were 192 durians whose meat content was not up to standard, and the lowest was only 20%. There is also a durian factory named Cu mei in Tha Mai County. The victim bought 180 kilograms of gallons of durians from the factory at a price of 185 baht (about 38 yuan) per kilogram, but found that the maturity did not meet the picking standards.
  All these durians with quality problems have been confiscated, and the person in charge of the factory involved has also been warned and fined. In late March, news reported that a group secretly picked immature durians in Chanthaburi and nearby provinces for sale, and some durians were sold abroad. The Ministry of Agriculture of Thailand stated that it attaches great importance to the quality and international reputation of Thailand’s durians and instructs relevant departments to investigate and punish them according to law.
   Regarding the results of this inspection, the governor of Chanthaburi stated that some black-hearted merchants used durians of substandard quality to make up for their profits. I hope that farmers in Chanthaburi can work together to maintain the surplus of local durians and not to sell durians with substandard maturity. This kind of deception to consumers will block everyone’s roads.