Thailand approves the implementation of the”Processed Food Industry Development” project
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Food Partner Network News Thailand’s Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives News:On April 15, Atkorn, the Minister of the Ministry, approved the “Processed Food Industry Development” project and became the Thai Agriculture and Food Industry Promotion Zone (Thailand’s 18 Government)’s development guidelines “From 2019 to 2027, based on the policy of agricultural 4.0 green economy development, Thailand will be promoted to become one of the top ten international food production centers, and follow the advantages of each province in the agricultural and food industry promotion zone. Create added value for agricultural products.”.

Yongwut, chairman of the”Processed Food Industry Development” project committee, said that four measures have been formulated to promote the development of the project:

1. Measures to establish a new generation of food entrepreneurs titled”New Food Warriors”. Refers to entrepreneurs who prioritize the production of Future Food and carry out food innovation to produce Healthy Foods, Food Biotechnology Products and Novel Foods.

2. Future food innovation measures. Refers to the introduction of innovations in food manufacturing and processing, the use of food smart packaging and digital technology, etc., in order to improve future food innovation to the level of commercial production.

3. Measures to continue to promote the development of online trade platforms. Refers to measures that continue to create agricultural and food business opportunities in Thailand and abroad.

4. Measures to develop intelligent agricultural systems. Refers to the basis for taking measures and formulating quality standards to promote the development of agriculture in Thailand and accelerate the development of the food industry.