Technology empowers high-quality development of bee and pear industry
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   On April 6, the Bee Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the Professional Committee of Honey Source and Pollination of the Chinese Apiculture Society, and the Qixian People’s Government of Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province held the”Pear Tree Bee Pollination Technology Seminar and Field Meeting” in Qixian County.
   The pear tree blossoms, Qixian spring comes. Thousands of white pear flowers bloom on the branches, and bees are rushing through the flowers. Participants learned about the necessity, superiority and specific measures of bee pollination on pear trees at the bee pollination site of 10,000 mu of pear orchard, the pollination situation of local pear trees and the transfer technology of pear bees, etc., and they felt that bees are pollinating pear trees at close range. The feasibility, safety and economy of insects.
  The seminar focused on the reasons why pear trees need to be pollinated, the history of bee pollination on pear trees, crop bee pollination and pest control techniques. The meeting pointed out that the Honeybee Institute will cooperate with Shanxi Agricultural University and other related institutions to strengthen the research, training and promotion of the whole industry chain of pear pollination, science and technology will empower the high-quality development of the bee industry and the pear industry, and transform scientific and technological innovation into production practice. Take the honeybee pollination industry as an important agronomic measure in the pear industry area and create a vivid case of green development.
   It is reported that pear is a rigorous outcross-pollination and fruiting crop, which requires different varieties of pollen to pollinate each other in order to bear fruit. Therefore, pollination has become an important part of pear production. How efficient and high-quality flowering period is for pear pollination is particularly critical. The bees are located in Shanxi, Beijing, Xinjiang and other places to carry out joint research for many years, effectively solving the technical problems of bees pollinating pear trees, and integrating pear bees pollination and the promotion of green diseases and insect pests.
   More than 60 people including relevant persons in charge and experts from the National Agricultural Technology Extension Service Center, Bee Research Institute, Chinese Apiculture Society, Shanxi Agricultural University and Qixian Government participated in the event.