Taoli Group set up 400,000 yuan”Taoli Bread Scholarship” in Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University
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   On April 6, the School of Food Science and Technology of Northwest A&F University and Xi’an Taoli Food Co., Ltd. signed the donation agreement of”Public Donation Agreement”,”Industry-University-Research Integration Framework Cooperation Agreement” and”Off-campus Employment and Entrepreneurship Practice Base Agreement” 》Cooperation agreement. Zhu Shengxin, manager of Taoli Group Tianjin District, Zhang Jizeng, director of Xi’an Taoli Food Co., Ltd., and relevant persons in charge of the Education Development Foundation and the college attended the meeting. Vice President Li Julan presided over the signing ceremony.
  Tianjin District Manager Zhu Shengxin of Taoli Group said that school-enterprise cooperation is the need of school development, and it is also the need of enterprise development. Both parties must give play to each other’s advantages and complement each other. The signing of the three agreements will further promote school-enterprise cooperation. The two sides support each other and cooperate closely to promote the close integration of production, education and research, promote talent training and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and achieve a win-win situation for schools and enterprises.
   Secretary Zhao Wujun first thanked Taoli Group for setting up the”Taoli Bread Scholarship” in the college, reaching a framework for integration of production, teaching and research, providing off-campus employment and entrepreneurship practice bases, and actively building a talent intellectual resource sharing platform. He said that both schools and enterprises should earnestly understand and implement the essence of Xi Jinping’s theory of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, actively respond to the national health 2030 strategy, and join hands in creating the”One Belt One Road” strategic opportunity period to jointly open up the”last mile” of industry, education and research. Realize the deep integration of science, education and industry, and make new achievements for the healthy development of food processing and nutrition in our country. Both parties must uphold the talent-oriented concept, provide a platform for talent training, effectively improve students’ employability and career awareness, and truly achieve a good effect of employment education and a win-win situation for schools and enterprises.
   After the signing ceremony, Manager Zhu Shengxin and his party also visited Northwest A&F University Food School of Science and Engineering pilot workshop, accompanied by the head of the school.
  【Introduction to Scholarship】
   Taoli Group established the”Taoli Bread Scholarship” in the School of Food Science and Engineering, donating 100,000 per year, donating for 4 consecutive years, and rewarding 20 full-time second, third and fourth grade undergraduates of the School of Food every year, each of 5,000 yuan.