Tangshan City Market Supervision Bureau held a city-wide food safety sampling and monitoring work meeting
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   Recently, the Tangshan City Market Supervision Bureau held a citywide food safety sampling and monitoring work conference. Summarizing the completion of the city’s food sampling inspections in 2020, deploying the four-level sampling inspections undertaken by Tangshan City in 2021:national, provincial, municipal, and county sampling. The person in charge of the sampling research department of the Provincial Food Inspection Institute was invited to attend the meeting. Leaders in charge of the bureau, persons in charge of verification and disposal in relevant departments of the agency, responsible comrades in charge of the Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau, heads of county (city, district) bureaus, dispatched agencies, and personnel from relevant inspection agencies attended the meeting.
  The conference organized and learned the”Tangshan City Food Safety Sampling Inspection and Monitoring Work Plan and Implementation Plan in 2021″. Each county (city, district) bureau and each development zone (management area) branch separately reported on the plan for this year’s food sampling inspection work and their opinions and suggestions on the work throughout the year; each food-related department gave specific details on the inspection and disposal work. Opinions, the Provincial Food Inspection Institute introduced the national and provincial tasks undertaken this year.
  The meeting pointed out that in 2020, the whole system will actively implement the concept of “people first”, “life first” and “four strictest” requirements, coordinate epidemic prevention and control and food safety supervision, and actively play the role of food sampling inspection. With good scores in all assessments, we have successfully completed various national and provincial sampling monitoring and assessment indicators, and the completion of all indicators is better than that of the previous year.
  The meeting put forward the general idea of ​​the food sampling inspection work in Tangshan City in 2021:earnestly implement the”four strictest” requirements of General Secretary Xi Jinping, coordinate epidemic prevention and control and food safety supervision, and closely focus on the work priorities of the municipal party committee and the municipal government and the municipal government. The work center of the bureau adheres to the general tone of consolidating quantity and improving quality. On the basis of continuing to maintain a sampling quantity of 5.5 copies per thousand people, it insists on focusing on the assessment indicators, highlighting the targeted nature of sampling, and the timeliness of verification and disposal, and strive to improve Evaluate the sampling quality indicators such as the pass rate of random inspections, the detection rate of physical problems in the supervision and sampling, the completion rate of verification and disposal, and the timely rate, etc., supervise by sampling service, promote supervision by random inspection, guarantee supervision by random inspection, actively prevent and control food safety risks, and vigorously Promote scientific supervision and contribute to ensuring food safety.
  The meeting emphasized that it is necessary to earnestly improve the awareness of sampling and monitoring work, take food safety sampling as the main focus of food supervision work, truly perform duties, truly benefit the people, and continuously enhance the people’s sense of gain and security And happiness. It is necessary to do a good job of random inspection and monitoring, adhere to problem orientation, prevent hidden risks, screen out problem food, detect hidden risks, and inspect high-quality enterprises, and strive to build a broad and clear food safety space.