Tai’an Taishan District Bureau launched a special rectification action on rural counterfeit and shoddy food
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In order to standardize the production and operation of rural food, focus on improving the comprehensive management of food safety in rural markets, and effectively guarantee food safety in rural areas, in response to the frequent and prone food safety problems of counterfeit and inferior food in rural areas, the Taishan District Bureau and the Scenic Area Enforcement Bureau will start today A two-month special campaign to rectify counterfeit and inferior foods in rural areas was carried out.

   This special rectification action focuses on inspections of Dajinkou Township, Huangqian Town, and Xiagang Town, including drinks, beverages, condiments, convenience foods, dairy products, meat and meat products, snack foods, local specialty foods, etc. Foods with high consumption in rural areas are the key varieties, focusing on rural food suppliers, rural school canteens and food operators around campuses, as well as small food production and processing workshops, small vendors, small restaurants, etc., to strengthen the protection of substandard foods. Verification and disposal. A total of 22 food shops were inspected, and 5 shops selling expired food were filed and investigated.
   In the next step, the Taishan District Bureau will continue to increase the intensity of rural food safety inspections, severely crack down on illegal activities such as the production and operation of counterfeit and shoddy food, and purify the rural food market. Aiming at the rural food production and operation chain and problem-prone areas, identify the weak links and focus of work, check for omissions, establish rules and regulations, establish a long-term mechanism for rural food supervision, and standardize rural food production and operation behavior.