Suzhou takes multiple measures to strictly adhere to the bottom line of food safety
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  In recent years, the member units of the Suzhou Food Safety Commission have highlighted source governance, strengthened supervision throughout the entire process, carried out rectification regulations, and strictly investigated illegal cases. No major food safety incidents have occurred in the city. The overall food safety situation has continued to be orderly and sustainable. Control, stability and improvement.
   The first is to strengthen organizational leadership, and food safety work has achieved remarkable results. The Suzhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government issued the”Implementation Plan on Deepening Reform and Strengthening Food Safety Work” and the”List of Party and Government Leaders’ Food Safety Work Responsibilities” to further improve the food safety work responsibility system. The Food Safety Commission of Suzhou City organized the assessment of food safety work, and Zhangjiagang City, Changshu City, Wuzhong District, Xiangcheng District, and Suzhou Industrial Park were rated as advanced areas for food safety work in 2020.
   The second is to strictly supervise the whole process, and the level of food safety continues to improve. Grid supervision of agricultural product quality and safety was carried out, and 1,606 agricultural product producers above designated size in the city were included in the supervision grid. The quantitative and grading evaluation rate of catering services was 27.9%, a year-on-year increase of 9.4%. 70.6%of the school canteens in the city are included in the edible agricultural product market sales quality and safety supervision platform, and 63.7%of the school canteens implement fixed-point procurement and unified distribution of bulk food materials.
   The third is to implement precise governance and have strong control over imported cold chain food. Take the lead in establishing 10 imported cold chain food supervision warehouses covering all sectors in the province; establish a centralized supervision whitelist system to optimize centralized supervision efficiency; promote the use of the provincial”Jiangsu Cold Chain” traceability system, complete the registration of 2,958 enterprises, the first stop Lots of 7047 codes were assigned.
  Fourth is to adhere to the problem-oriented approach and maintain a high-pressure situation in cracking down on illegal crimes. Completed 97788 batches of food sampling, with a pass rate of 98.56%, and the sampling rate of 1,000 people reached 9.1 batches, a record high. The city handled 2,588 food violation cases, fined 18.0931 million yuan, cracked 150 criminal cases endangering food safety, and arrested 217 people involved, which effectively warned and deterred illegal and criminal acts.