Suqian Market Supervision Bureau launches special food business”monthly inspection” activities
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   In order to further strengthen the supervision of special food safety and urge business units to implement the main responsibilities, according to the annual inspection plan, the Suqian City Market Supervision Bureau will carry out a”monthly inspection” of special food business units in the city from March to December.
   One is the joint investigation of the division of labor between cities and counties. Based on the city’s special food safety inspectors, the Municipal Bureau randomly selects inspectors to form an on-site inspection team, fills in the”Special Food Business Unit Inspection Form”, and the county and district bureaus cooperate closely with the inspection and fill in the”On-site Records” and other law enforcement documents. Illegal conduct shall be ordered to rectify.
   The second is a random inspection of business coverage. Adopting”double random” and”four non-two direct” methods, covering four business formats, supermarkets, maternal and child parks, pharmacies, and wholesale companies, 4 special food business units were randomly selected for on-site inspections in the inspected counties.
   The third is the key investigation of the whole event. The inspection content covers the operation of health food, infant formula milk powder, formula food for special medical purposes, according to the checklist full inspection, focusing on the inspection of business qualifications, the operator’s implementation of the special counter area sales, consumption tips, product labels and instructions, purchase inspections, etc. , Make a detailed and clear record of the problems found and take photos for evidence.
  Fourth is to focus on rectification and follow-up investigation. The city bureau inspection team will collect the inspection issues and hand over to the county and district bureaus. The county and district bureaus will submit the review report or case approval form to the city bureau within 30 days. The city bureau will follow-up and supervise the review and include it in the county and district food safety annual assessment project.