Suichuan County, Ji’an Strengthens Food Market Supervision
By: Date: 2021-04-19 Categories: chinesefood Tags: ,
   In order to further regulate the market order in the rice production field in the jurisdiction, ensure the food security of the county and the vital interests of the people, and strictly prevent the entry of unqualified rice into the market, the Ji’an Suichuan County Market Supervision and Administration Bureau recently organized a special investigation of the rice production process.
   The investigation focused on rice production enterprises and small workshops. Law enforcement officers conducted a comprehensive investigation of production workshops, raw material warehouses, and finished product warehouses, focusing on the source channels of rice, production processes, factory inspections, certificates and invoices. In other links, companies are required to implement their main responsibilities, strictly control the purchase of raw materials, inspection of finished products, do not purchase unqualified raw materials, do not sell unqualified rice, and strictly prevent heavy metals such as cadmium from entering the market and dining tables.
   It is understood that this special investigation has dispatched 52 law enforcement officers to inspect 13 rice production enterprises. Most of the grains are purchased from local farmers, and all have purchase certificates. In the next step, the Suichuan County Bureau will carry out special supervision work on rice business units, and urge them to strictly implement the main responsibilities, so that the people can truly eat”rest assured food.”