Sudan is committed to expanding livestock and meat exports
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  The Su News Agency reported on March 29 that the”100-day plan to increase livestock exports” implemented by the Ministry of Animal Resources of Sudan was a success. From mid-February to the end of March 2021, Sudan’s livestock exports reached 307,172 heads, including 264,833 sheep, 8,794 cattle, and 33,545 camels, nearly three times the same period in 2010.

  In the five priority plans proposed by the new transitional government in February 2021, the animal husbandry sector puts forward the following goals:”Maintain and upgrade stalls, veterinary laboratories and slaughter plants, ensure the supply of drinking water for livestock, and increase livestock exports”Since then, the Ministry of Animal Resources has adopted a series of measures, such as upgrading the animal resource export system, improving the localization level of animal vaccines, and establishing a modern slaughter plant that meets the requirements of the regional market.
  The Minister of Animal Resources stated that the close cooperation between Sudan and Saudi Arabia in the field of animal husbandry is very important, and he pledged to continue to solve the obstacles to the export of livestock to Saudi Arabia and increase the export scale to meet Saudi import needs. He also said that after a 10-year suspension, Jordan resumed importing Sudanese meat products this month. In March, the import volume exceeded 26 tons, becoming another new market opened by Sudan after Oman and Qatar.