South Korean strawberry exports to Hong Kong in the first quarter of this year increased 54%year-on-year
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Yonhap News Agency, Hong Kong, April 20. According to data released by the Hong Kong branch of the Korea Agriculture and Fisheries Food Distribution Corporation (aT) on the 20th, exports of Korean strawberries to Hong Kong from January to March this year increased 54%year-on-year to 10.4 million U.S. dollars. Export volume increased by 44%year-on-year to 870 tons.

  Hong Kong is the largest export market for Korean strawberries. Last year, South Korea’s strawberry exports to Hong Kong amounted to US$17.3 million, accounting for 33%of total exports. In the same period, Hong Kong’s total strawberry imports were US$65 million, and South Korea was second only to Japan (35.8%) with a market share of 26.2%. The Hong Kong branch of aT analyzed that the promotion of safe and delicious products has played a positive role.
   In addition, last year, South Korea’s exports of fresh agricultural and sideline products to Hong Kong increased by 17.7%year-on-year, breaking through 100 million U.S. dollars for the first time to 110 million U.S. dollars. Among them, the increase in the export value of Xiangyin Qingti, strawberries, kimchi and mushrooms has offset the 18%decrease in the export value of ginseng food to a certain extent. Specifically, fruits have the highest export value, followed by vegetables, ginseng, kimchi, and mushrooms.
   According to analysis, aT established the K-Fresh Zone (K-Fresh Zone) in a large supermarket in Hong Kong two years ago to serve as a bridge for Korean agricultural and sideline products to enter the Hong Kong market. (End)