South Korea will conduct centralized sampling inspections on imported aquatic products
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  Food Partner Network News On April 12, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) of South Korea announced that from April 12 to the end of June, South Korea will conduct paralytic shellfish on imported shellfish. Centralized inspection of toxins.
   The objects of this inspection are clams, scallops, white clams, sea rainbows, purple stone clams, hard clams, and cockles from 25 countries in Asia, South America, Oceania, etc., which are more consumed by Korean nationals. .
   Random sampling inspections are expected to be carried out once a month for paralytic shellfish toxins (standard:0.8 mg/kg or less) for each exporting country, each overseas production company, and each species.
  According to statistics, 256 of the 8446 shellfishes declared for import were inspected in 2020, and no substandard products were found.