South Korea Revises Standards and Specifications for Aquatic Products
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   On April 6, 2021, the National Aquatic Products Quality Management Institute of South Korea issued a draft of some amendments to the Standards and Specifications for Aquatic Products. The main contents of the revision are:

   (1) Adjust the definition of packaging specifications, units, outer packaging, and inner packaging;
   (2) In order to improve the circulation efficiency of aquatic products, increase the T-12 pallet of the Korean standard specification. The allowable range of packaging size can replace the plastic material of the wooden box;
  (3) Formulate the basis of standard specifications for processed aquatic products;
   (4) Standard packaging specifications for aquatic products, special packaging standards for aquatic products;
  (5) Adjusted the classification of fish and shellfish, and increased the auction standard of horse mackerel products in the wholesale market. Add packaging specifications and plastic materials that are frequently used on site;
   (6) According to the order of aquatic products and processed aquatic products, rearrange the design drawings.
  The feedback period for the draft proposal ends on April 26, 2021.