South Korea revises food additive standards and specifications
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   On April 1, 2021, South Korea issued Document G/SPS/N/KOR/711, which revised the standards and specifications of food additives. The main revisions are as follows:

   (1) The newly established seasoning is composed of synthetic seasonings and natural seasonings, adding seasonings to dilute and dissolve other materials;
   (2) Revised the list of synthetic flavors and natural flavors, (synthetic flavors) added 86 new compounds, corrected the synonyms of 7 compounds, and added 2 new sources (sources of natural flavors) , Deleted 4 sources, and corrected 3 common names;
  (3) Revised the standards for the use of 16 food additives such as Allure Red, Alora Red Aluminum Lake, Amaranth Red, Amaranth Aluminum Lake, and Brilliant Blue;
  (4) Revised the analytical method of glycerol, l-leucine and freezing point detection method;
  (5) Revised the definitions of four food additives including fatty acid glycerides, alternative colors, food starch modification, and spice oleoresin.