South African grape industry makes progress in entering the Chinese market
By: Date: 2021-04-09 Categories: Internationalfood Tags: ,

   According to a South African independent media website reported on April 6, South Africa’s Table Grape Industry (SATI) recently held its first table grape market promotion activity at the Jiangyihui Fruit Wholesale Market in Guangzhou , Marking the further opening of the Chinese market for table grapes in South Africa. South Africa is a major exporter of fresh fruits in the world, and Europe is its main export destination. This marketing campaign reflects the growing importance of the Chinese market. South Africa’s agriculture is highly dependent on exports, and exports account for more than half of its output value. In 2020, South Africa’s agricultural exports are about 10.2 billion U.S. dollars. The South African Agricultural Chamber of Commerce (Agbiz) stated that China is one of the key markets for South Africa’s agricultural exports, and the South African government should strengthen cooperation with key markets to promote the development of its industry.