Significant results have been achieved in the inspection and remediation of food safety risks in schools starting in the spring of 2021 in Handan City
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  In order to ensure the health and diet safety of the teachers and students, the Handan Municipal Market Supervision Bureau has organized and carried out the inspection and rectification of food safety risks in schools starting in the spring of 2021 in the city since the beginning of the spring school in early March, with multiple measures taken simultaneously. Comprehensive rectification, strict prevention and strict management and strict control of campus food safety risks have achieved remarkable results.
   In the investigation and remediation actions, the Handan City Market Supervision Department issued food safety reminders, organized collective interviews and training, supervised the comprehensive self-inspection, full coverage supervision and inspection, implemented the red and black list system, and promoted the”Ming Kitchen Bright Stove+” A series of work measures such as “Internet” and the active creation of standard canteens have deeply resolved the outstanding issues that the city’s schools (kindergarten institutions) have not fulfilled the main responsibility for food safety and food safety.
   Up to now, the city has carried out 406 collective interviews and training assessments, participated in more than 8,000 people, signed 2251 food safety commitments; the school food safety self-inspection rate was 100%, and 499 hidden food safety hazards were detected and rectified on time. Rate 100%; supervised and inspected 2,259 catering units, school canteens and catering outlets around campus, quick inspection and screening of 74 batches of food, issued 172 rectification orders, filed and investigated 10 cases of violations of laws and regulations; released 19 red and black lists During the period, 58 were on the red list and 20 were on the black list, and 9 were removed from the black list after rectification; the smart supervision system was fully launched, and all school (childcare institutions) canteens were incorporated into the smart school canteen supervision system, and the whole process of food processing and production was gradually disclosed ; Comparing with the provincial acceptance standards, more than 40 provincial campus food safety standard canteens will be created in the city during the year.