Shi Taifeng, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Director of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, inspects the entire pig industry chain project of Inner Mongolia of CP Group
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   On March 22, Shi Taifeng, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Director of the Standing Committee of the People’s Congress of the Autonomous Region, accompanied by Wang Lixia, member of the Standing Committee of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Party Committee and Secretary of the Hohhot Municipal Committee, Mu Yuan, Director of the Department of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry of Inner Mongolia, and Zhang Yongwen, Secretary of the Helinger County Party Committee Visited the farms and food processing plants of Zhengda Group’s Inner Mongolia pig industry chain project. Bai Shanlin, senior vice chairman of the agricultural and animal husbandry food enterprise and retail business (China) of CP Group, reported to Secretary Shi Taifeng and his party on the development and future plans of CP Group in Inner Mongolia and Hohhot.
  Bai Shanlin, senior vice chairman, reported to Secretary Shi Taifeng that CP Group has developed a whole industry of 3 million pigs in Hohhot, integrating planting, feed processing, commodity breeding, slaughter processing, food deep processing, cold chain logistics and terminal retail. The development of the chain project provides a detailed introduction to the world’s advanced intelligent breeding system, green development model, industry 4.0 processing system,”four-in-one” industrial poverty alleviation model and project benefits. Senior Vice Chairman Bai Shanlin said that CP Group attaches great importance to investment and development in Hohhot. The group will continue to increase investment, integrate global talents and resources, and accelerate the progress of project construction, in order to build Hohhot into a safe and high-quality pork food supply for Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. The base and the national pork food smart manufacturing benchmark contribute their strength.
   Secretary Shi Taifeng listened carefully to the report and inquired in detail about the project development plan, the interest linkage mechanism of farmers and enterprises, and the current development difficulties. He pointed out that giving full play to the leading and supporting role of scientific and technological innovation and accelerating the development of the entire industry chain are essential to promote regional industrial transformation and upgrading and achieve high-quality development. It is necessary to adhere to the integrated development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries, improve the interest linkage mechanism of agricultural enterprises, strengthen the deep processing of agricultural and livestock products, promote the high-quality development of agriculture, and ensure the continuous and stable increase of farmers’ income. At the same time, he requires departments at all levels to do a good job of service guarantee efficiently and with high quality, promote early implementation of projects and early results, and provide strong support for achieving high-quality development.