Shennongjia Forest District Market Supervision Bureau launches special inspections of dried bamboo shoots, clear water bamboo shoots, and white fungus
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   Recently, the Shennongjia Forestry Market Supervision Bureau organized and carried out special inspections for food safety such as dried bamboo shoots, clear water bamboo shoots, and white fungus. Each township supervision office supervises and inspects shopping malls, supermarkets, souvenir shops, farmer’s markets and other places within its jurisdiction, focusing on inspections of the license qualifications, purchase inspections, purchase and sales accounts, packaging labels, food storage, health certificates of employees, etc. Happening.
   During the inspection process, it was found that some bulk food labels were not standardized and failed to mark the production date; the health certificates of employees had expired; some merchants had problems such as irregular ticket request procedures. In response to the above-discovered problems, the law enforcement officers issued an administrative proposal on the spot, reminded the merchants in accordance with the law, and put forward a time-limited rectification request for the violations and ordered the merchants to implement them in a timely manner. In this inspection, a total of 187 law enforcement personnel were dispatched to inspect 11 food production and processing enterprises, 34 supermarkets, 6 farmer’s markets, and 113 specialty stores.
   In the next step, the Forestry Market Supervision Bureau will continue to focus on food safety supervision, increase publicity and guidance, and guide operators to implement the obligations of requesting certificates and invoices, purchase inspection obligations, and regulate the use of food additives, and guide consumers to improve their awareness of discrimination , Not to buy dried bamboo shoots, white fungus and other foods at roadside stalls, to help the district’s new crown epidemic prevention and control work, and to ensure the people’s”tip of safety”.