Shangrao City, Jiangxi Actively Launches Publicity Campaigns to Prevent Wild Mushroom Poisoning
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In order to strictly prevent the occurrence of wild mushroom poisoning, Ye Ying, the full-time director of Shangrao Food Safety Office, recently led the staff of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau to Sanguandian Community, Xinzhou District to carry out a knowledge lecture on”Cherish Life, Stay Away from Poisonous Mushrooms”.

  The lecture focused on the characteristics of wild poisonous mushrooms, analyzed the edible wild mushroom poisoning incidents that occurred in the city in recent years, introduced the harm of wild mushroom poisoning to community residents, and raised the public’s food safety awareness. At the same time, it briefly described the measures and specific practices adopted by the municipal and district governments and regulatory departments at all levels in the prevention and control of wild mushroom poisoning, reminding community residents to do the”three nos”, that is, no picking, no eating, and no buying and selling of wild mushrooms. mushroom.
   On-site residents were organized to sign a warning letter for the prevention of wild mushroom poisoning. In order to increase the interest of the lectures, a prize-winning question and answer on the knowledge and common sense of preventing wild mushroom poisoning was also conducted, and the community residents on the spot participated actively.
   Recently, various county (city, district) bureaus have adopted WeChat, SMS, electronic display screens and other platforms to issue warnings, enter home publicity, sign warning letters, post posters, set up publicity boards, and hang publicity banners. In various forms such as mobile publicity vehicles, the”Five Entries” campaigns (entering schools, enterprises, communities, rural areas, and families) for the prevention of poisonous mushroom poisoning have been widely carried out to achieve full coverage and no dead ends.
  Through multi-channel, multi-form, and extensive promotion of the prevention of poisoning mushroom poisoning, we will effectively raise the people’s safety awareness of not picking, eating, or buying wild mushrooms, and prevent the occurrence of wild mushroom poisoning incidents.