Shanghai Food Allianz held a seminar on the group standard”Code of Conduct for Live Streaming of Edible Agricultural Products”
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   On the afternoon of April 14, 2021, the Shanghai Food Safety Work Federation held a seminar on the group standard”Code of Conduct for Live Streaming of Edible Agricultural Products”. Relevant personnel from the Food Management Office of the Shanghai Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, the Market and Information Office of the Shanghai Municipal Agriculture and Rural Committee, the Shanghai Consumer Rights Protection Committee, the Shanghai Advertising Association, the Shanghai Online Shopping Chamber of Commerce, and the Municipal Food Allied Planting and Breeding Committee attended the meeting. meeting.
   In recent years, the mode of selling products through webcast has been loved by consumers. Stars and internet celebrity anchors have cooperated with merchants to realize traffic realization, mutual benefit and win-win results, promote agricultural product sales, and increase farmers’ income. The market research and analysis of the Fruit Industry Association, the director unit of the Municipal Food Allied Planting and Breeding Special Committee, believes that live streaming has played an active role in promoting economic development and meeting market demand, but there are also some irregularities that need to be regulated; Industry associations can become network anchors through standardized training for farmers and live broadcast personnel, forming a new model of”Farm To Customer”. This model will contribute to the advancement of scientific and technological agriculture and the increase of farmers’ income levels, and consumers will obtain fresher and cheaper edible agricultural products.
  The meeting unanimously agreed that the current mode of webcasting with goods is hot, but this type of mode is still in the development stage, and there are risks and industry chaos. The live-streaming delivery model has given birth to market entities such as network platforms, merchants and live-streaming, forming mutual legal relationships. However, there is a lack of corresponding laws and standards, which are in urgent need of regulation. Therefore, it is necessary to formulate standards for related groups.
  The meeting suggested that relevant social organizations can start from positive guidance, coordinate and cooperate with multiple forces, and draft and formulate group standards in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the country and this city, regulate the behavior of relevant market entities, and help increase farmers’ income. Protect consumer rights.