School-enterprise cooperation to jointly promote the development of Shaanxi’s miscellaneous grain industry
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   School of Food Engineering and Nutritional Science of Shaanxi Normal University-Xi’an Xiaoliu Catering (Group) Co., Ltd.”Grain R&D Center” inauguration ceremony was successfully held
   On the morning of March 30, 2021, the inauguration ceremony of the”Grain R&D Center” of the School of Food Engineering and Nutrition Science of Shaanxi Normal University-Xi’an Xiaoliu Catering (Group) Co., Ltd. was held in the conference room on the first floor of the college. Zhang Anxin, Chairman of Xiaoliu Catering Group and four other leaders of the group, Tang Sanyi and Dong Weiquan, Director of the School Science and Technology Department, Liu Xianfeng and Liu Yongfeng, Vice Deans of the College, Pang Wanjun, Director of the Office, Hu Xinzhong, Grain Science and Nutrition Team of the College Professors and team teachers, Associate Professor Li Xiaoping, the project leader and his students, and Wang Jingchen, a reporter from China Food News in Shaanxi, attended the listing ceremony.
   This listing ceremony was presided over by the vice president of the college, Liu Xianfeng, with a total of seven items on the agenda. Vice President Liu introduced the leaders and guests present, and expressed a warm welcome to the company’s arrival and hoped for future cooperation. Director Tang Sanyi gave a brief introduction to the basic situation of the school. In the past five years, the school has had 585 national funds, more than 600 horizontal projects, more than 4,000 high-level papers, and provincial and ministerial science and technology awards. With 37 items, the school has formed its own characteristics and advantages, and adheres to the transformation of scientific research results in the economic needs surrounding local development. Relying on the National Engineering Laboratory and the Engineering Center of the Ministry of Education, the school has achieved good results in coal source materials, surveying, cultural relics protection, and food processing, and has long-term and in-depth cooperation with many companies. The school adheres to the”four aspects”, high-level output and characteristic industries have matured day by day. Finally, I hope to take this opportunity to take advantage of the food college to build a good research platform for miscellaneous grains and make foods that are truly oriented to the frontiers of science and technology and people’s health.
   Chairman Zhang Anxin introduced the development of Xiaoliu Food Group. The business of Xiaoliu Catering Group involves the two core sectors of the restaurant chain and the food supply chain. It has three major platforms, namely”Xiao Liu Tang Bao”,”Shi Liu Ke”, and”X Xiao Liu Le Xian”. Chairman Zhang said:”Food safety has risen to the national strategic level. The company has been committed to making nutrition, health and safety products, striving to be the industry leader, so it is very necessary for the company to strengthen school-enterprise cooperation.” Xiaoliu Group is investing in the construction of a new supply chain base covering an area of ​​150,000 square meters. Now it is a very good time to cooperate. Although Xiaoliu Group has had exchanges with other universities, after learning about it, I found that it has a good relationship with Shaanxi Normal University. The most tacit understanding and the most like-minded, hope that the cooperation between the two sides will have unlimited prospects on the road in the future.
   Deputy Dean Liu Yongfeng first said that he was a loyal fan of Xiaoliu Tangbao, and he was full of praise for the new products developed by Xiaoliu, and the atmosphere was very relaxed. Subsequently, Deputy Dean Liu welcomed and thanked the school leaders and the company on behalf of the college, and then gave a systematic and comprehensive introduction from the four aspects of the college’s faculty, scientific research platform and results, discipline development, and future prospects, allowing the company to The college has a more in-depth understanding and understanding, and even more agrees that the Food College of Shaanxi Normal University is a trustworthy partner. Regarding Chairman Zhang’s words”Eat more assured and more nutritious”, Deputy Dean Liu said that the college is currently undertaking to formulate”industry standards for nutritional catering for primary and secondary school students”, and Xiaoliu Food Group also wants to introduce”student meals” in the future. As a development focus, the exchanges and discussions between the two sides reached a climax. Finally, Deputy Dean Liu hopes that the two parties will further expand cooperation. Enterprises can provide entrepreneurial guidance or scholarships to the college, and the college provides technical guidance and support for enterprises, so as to promote the integration of industry, university and research through more diversified cooperation and rapid development.
  Professor Hu Xinzhong, on behalf of the cereal science and nutrition team, once again welcomed and thanked the school leaders and the company for their arrival, and introduced the platform on which the team’s research is based, the current main research directions, and sorted out the work since the cooperation with Xiaoliu Food Group The situation and the focus of future work. The team relies on the Shaanxi Provincial Cereal Food Science and Nutrition Innovation Team, the National Oats and Buckwheat Industrial Technology System Processing Research Laboratory and many other provincial and ministerial platforms, with the goal of characteristic staple food and regional first-class, and is committed to solving the traditional pasta processing and nutrition problems in Shaanxi. Increasing income of the miscellaneous grains industry and increasing efficiency of processing enterprises. At present, the development of miscellaneous grains has reached a new height, and the staple food of miscellaneous grains has become the current development trend. Buckwheat processing has seized the opportunity of”Healthy China” and has broader prospects and feasibility. It is the team’s future research and development focus. One. Through many contacts and negotiations with the company, the two parties have reached a cooperative intention to change the buckwheat noodles from”dry” to”wet”; the flavor from”like” to”yes”; and the selling point from ordinary to functional. The team’s research features are distinctive, with deep accumulation in research innovation, technical feasibility, and product leadership. Associate Professor Li Xiaoping, the project leader, has been engaged in the research of noodle food processing for a long time, presided over the National Fund and the Ministry of Agriculture’s oat-buckwheat industrial technology System, Shaanxi Province’s key R&D plan, Jinshahe school-enterprise cooperation project, the team works closely to ensure the smooth implementation of the cooperation. At present, the analysis and determination of the main active ingredients of the company’s existing products have been completed, and effective methods to shorten the rehydration time and reduce the muddy soup rate have been obtained. The follow-up team will, on the basis of existing research, adjust the mix of raw materials and cooperate with the production process of the company to solve the problems that the company currently needs to solve from a professional perspective and provide information for the company to expand its production capacity. Finally, Professor Hu hopes that the R&D Center for Grocery Foods can further promote school-enterprise cooperation and enterprise technology upgrades, help the food products occupy the market, and achieve a win-win cooperation between both parties.
  In a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere, the school’s director Sanyi Tang and the group chairman Zhang Anxin unveiled the R&D center. Amidst rounds of applause, Vice President Liu Xianfeng concluded:The cooperation between the enterprise and the college shows that the enterprise attaches importance to technology. And a focus on innovation. This cooperation is at the right time, and it is hoped that both parties will give full play to their respective advantages and achieve broader cooperation and greater results. Finally, the two parties took a group photo, and the listing ceremony was a complete success.