Russian Tea and Coffee Producers Association:The pandemic has not affected Chinese tea exports to Russia
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    Russian Satellite News Agency, Moscow, March 31. Ramaz Chaturya, chairman of the Russian Tea and Coffee Association (Rusteacoffee Association), told Satellite News Agency that the new crown pandemic has not affected the export of Chinese tea to Russia. In 2020, Russian tea imports from China will increase.

  Chaturiya pointed out that in 2020, Russia imported nearly 15,000 tons of tea from China.
   He said:“In general, Russia imports 1,4000-15,000 tons of tea from China each year. In recent years, the import volume has remained stable without significant fluctuations. According to our statistics, Russia imported 14,700 tons from China in 2020. Tea has even increased year-on-year.”
   When talking about tea prices, Chaturiya pointed out that the average price of imported Chinese tea has dropped last year.
  He said:“The average import price of Chinese tea has dropped. According to our estimates, the (usual) average price is 2.83 US dollars/kg, and in 2020 the price will drop to 2.52 US dollars/kg. This does not mean that China’s domestic tea The price of tea has fallen, which shows that companies have to purchase cheap tea as much as possible under the current circumstances.”