Russian tea and coffee exports increase by 32%to 73,000 tons in 2020
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Russian Satellite News Agency, Moscow, April 5th. According to data from the Export Development Center of Agricultural and Industrial System Products of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, last year Russian tea and coffee exports increased by 32%to 73,000 tons. In terms of value, they increased by 30%to 350 million. US dollars.

   According to the data:“In 2020, Russia supplied 73,000 tons of tea and coffee to foreign markets, an increase of 32%over 2019. In terms of value, exports increased by 30%to 350 million U.S. dollars.”
   In 2020, Russian tea and coffee will be exported to more than 60 countries. According to the share in terms of value, the countries that imported coffee from Russia in 2020 are mainly Belarus (34%), Kazakhstan (13%), Ukraine (12%), Uzbekistan (6%), and Georgia (5%). In non-CIS countries, large amounts of coffee are sent to Israel, the United States and Turkey.
   In 2020, the countries that import tea from Russia based on their share in value are mainly Belarus, accounting for 26%, Kazakhstan (16%), Ukraine (14%), Azerbaijan (5%), Moldova (5%) ). Israel, Qatar, Latvia and Germany are also the top ten buyers of Russian tea.