Russian sugar beet production increased by 14%in 5 years
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    The Russian Agricultural Analysis Center website reported on March 29 that Russian sugar beet production is the world leader, with an average annual output of 46.7 million tons in the past five years, an increase of 14%over the average output of the previous five years (41 million tons). According to data from the Agricultural Analysis Center, the output of Russian sugar beet in 2019 was 54.4 million tons, an increase of 21%, setting a record. The planting area increased by 2%and the yield per unit increased by 22%.

   In 2020, the Russian sugar beet planting area will be reduced by 19%. In addition, due to adverse weather, the total production will drop by 37%to the 2014 level. According to the forecast of the Russian Ministry of Agriculture, the sown area of ​​Russian sugar beet will reach 1.1 million hectares in 2021 (an increase of 200,000 hectares from 2020), and the harvest is expected to reach 40-44 million tons.
  The output of Russian canteens has exceeded consumption for 5 consecutive years. The annual agricultural production in 2019/20 is about 7.3 million tons, while the consumption is about 6 million tons. The increase in production has not only expanded exports, but also has sufficient domestic reserves to successfully avoid sugar shortages in 2020.