Russian Novosibirsk region notified non-compliance information of imported plant products in April
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Food Partner Network News The official website of the Russian Federal Veterinary Plant Service on April 16th:Officials of the Novosibirsk Regional Veterinary Plant Bureau under the Bureau detained 78.9 tons of imports from Kazakhstan and Russia at the Karasuk Plant Quarantine Control Point. Information on non-compliant and regulated products in Kyrgyzstan is as follows:

Fresh cabbage:imported from Kyrgyzstan (in bags, 20 tons), the country of origin shown on the label does not match the phytosanitary certificate;
Onion:imported from Kazakhstan (21 tons), the label is missing;
A mixture of dried apricots and dried fruits:imported from Kyrgyzstan (17.9 tons), and some product labels are missing.
The above-mentioned non-compliant products are prohibited from being imported into Russia, and the Russian authorities have processed them for return.