RiceTec and Adama will launch quizalofop-resistant new rice planting solution Max-Ace
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  World Agrochemical Network Chinese website reported:After obtaining EPA approval in February, RiceTec and Adama introduced their new rice planting solution Max-Ace to the market. This tolerance HighcardThe herbicide (active ingredient:quizalofop) technology provides rice growers with an excellent tool for weed control and high yields. It can also be used as an alternative to the FullPage? rice planting solution and other conventional RiceTec solutions. . Max-Ace will be supplied to growers in limited quantities during the 2021 planting season.

  Max-Ace, as another partner of the FullPage planting system, can help grow red rice and other gramineous weeds that are resistant to IMI herbicides. Leandro Pasqualli, Marketing Manager of RiceTec, commented that Max-Ace is FullPage rice crop solution and ideal rotation partner for soybeans.
  Max-Ace technology uses unique non-transgenic traits to make rice more resistant to Highcard herbicides. The label recommends the prevention and control of grass weeds in rice (including red rice, weed rice and IMI weeds) after seedling Agent resistant weeds).
  ADAMA US Rice Product Strategy Manager Dave Feist said that Highcard is a new formulation specially developed for Max-Ace rice planting solutions. Since Highcard has no residues left, growers have sufficient crop rotation flexibility to make the best planting choices. The new rice planting solution has exceptional yield potential, not only due to the quality of the seeds, but also related to the weed control performance provided by the proprietary and safe herbicide Highcard developed by Adama.