Resolutely implement the”four strictest” and make every effort to build a”food safety Jinchang” ——Jinchang City’s 2021 food safety key tasks are determined
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  Recently, with the approval of the municipal government, the Municipal Food Safety Commission has issued the”Key Work Arrangements for Jinchang City Food Safety in 2021″ (hereinafter referred to as”Work Arrangements”).
  According to the”Work Arrangement”, in 2021, our city will comprehensively strengthen the management of imported cold chain food, improve the responsibility system, focus on improving grassroots governance capabilities, comprehensively improve risk prevention and control capabilities, and severely punish illegal and criminal acts. Establish social governance system and other measures, accelerate the modernization of the city’s food safety governance system and governance capabilities, and continuously improve the overall level of food safety.
  ”Working Arrangements” pointed out that in 2021, our city will closely focus on outstanding issues of general concern to the people, and carry out in-depth risk assessment and monitoring special actions, reduction of pesticides and veterinary drugs, environmental purification actions of production areas, and improvement of the quality of dairy products. Action, Campus Food Safety Guarding Action, Rural Counterfeit and Inferior Food Control Action, Catering Quality and Safety Improvement Action, Health Food”Longyuan Protecting the Elderly” Action and other ten key actions. Continue to consolidate and deepen the achievements of provincial-level food safety demonstration cities and provincial-level agricultural product quality and safety counties, make every effort to build a”food safety Jinchang”, and continuously enhance the people’s sense of gain, happiness, and security.
   The”Work Arrangement” started from improving the cold chain transportation service standards and specifications, implementing the general warehouse management system; continuing to promote”Internet + food” supervision; strengthening food safety sampling monitoring and verification and handling; improving the connection between administrative law enforcement and criminal justice, and launching” “Kunlun 2021” action and special actions to implement the “four strictest” requirements for food safety; carry out “Food Safety Publicity Week”, “Green Food Publicity Month” and “Eight Laws” publicity activities to strengthen the construction of a social governance system; promote the food industry Restructuring and promoting the high-quality development of the industry have determined the key tasks of the year.
  In order to ensure the completion of the annual key tasks, the”Work Arrangement” requires party committees and governments at all levels to strengthen the organization and leadership of food safety work in the region, improve the food safety work evaluation and assessment mechanism, and incorporate food safety work into the performance evaluation, inspections, and supervision The important content of the inspection and supervision is to ensure the”safety on the tip of the tongue” of the people.