Reminders of Beihai Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau on Safe Consumption of Food and Drink on”March 3rd in Guangxi”
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  ”March 3 of the Zhuang Nationality” is approaching, various outdoor activities such as festivals, tomb sweeping and spring outings and group dinners are gradually increasing. The temperature and humidity of the North Sea is changeable, which is easy to breed various pathogenic microorganisms, in order to effectively increase consumption Consumers’ awareness of precautions when purchasing “March 3rd” specialty foods to prevent food safety accidents, Beihai City Market Supervision and Administration Bureau issued a food safety consumption reminder:
   1. When buying food, you should choose to go to a store with a”Food Business License” for consumption. Do not buy, process or eat food of unknown origin, livestock and poultry or aquatic products of unknown cause, and do not pick or eat wild Fruits and vegetables.
   2. When dining out, you should choose a restaurant with a valid”Food Business Permit” and a quantitative and hierarchical management of catering services for A-level”Laughing” and B-level”Smiling” facial makeup.
   3. When purchasing pre-packaged food, you should carefully check whether the packaging bag is intact, and whether the product name, specification, quantity, production batch number, shelf life, supplier name and contact information are complete. If air leakage, incomplete appearance of the food, dirty or unclean or mixed with foreign matter is found, it is not suitable to buy, especially the production date and shelf life of the tied and promotional food should be carefully checked.
  Four. When purchasing bulk foods, you should choose bulk foods that have complete and complete labels and are marked with manufacturer’s product information and operator information.
  5. Roasted pigs, fragrant pigs, white-cut chicken, steamed cakes, and steamed buns are commonly used foods for rituals. After being oxidized by the sun, actinic, and thermally decomposed, they can easily change their taste and quality. It is not advisable to buy the above-mentioned foods in open-air operations or stalls without flies and dust-proof facilities or special food utensils. Pay attention to storage temperature and refrigeration conditions, and consume as soon as possible.
  6. Glutinous rice, moxa cake, steamed pork, and black glutinous rice wine are the special foods of”March 3″, which are deeply loved by consumers. When shopping, they find that they have changed taste, discoloration, precipitation, turbidity, impurities, and flocculent. For sensory abnormalities such as food, mildew, etc., purchase and consumption should be prohibited.
  VII. When processing and making roast pigs, dyed glutinous rice and other ancestral foods, do not use additives and dyes of unknown origin and without safety guarantees. Knives, cutting boards and containers for raw and cooked foods should be used separately to avoid cross-contamination.
   8. Food after consuming ancestor worship must be reprocessed and cooked thoroughly to prevent spoilage and food poisoning. When you are outside, do not collect wild fruits, wild mushrooms and wild honey that have not been eaten or known. Once symptoms of poisoning appear after consumption, induce vomiting immediately and seek medical attention as soon as possible.
  9. Gastrointestinal dysfunction and allergic reactions are prone to occur in spring. Avoid overeating during family dinners. People with weak spleen and stomach should eat seafood with caution; at the same time, adhere to good personal hygiene habits, cooking food and before eating Pay attention to hand washing. If you experience gastrointestinal discomfort such as vomiting and diarrhea after a meal, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible, and call the complaint number 12315, and keep the remaining food and processing equipment for follow-up investigation.