Promote the prevention and control of root-knot nematodes in Gualou, and help the revitalization of buried hill villages
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  In order to accelerate the technical cooperation agreement on the comprehensive prevention and control of Gualou root-knot nematode disease signed between the Institute of Plant Protection and Qianshan City Government, recently, the Institute of Plant Protection, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences The control innovation team and the soil pest innovation team have traveled to Qianshan City many times to carry out the promotion and application of the integrated prevention and control technology of Gualou root knot nematode disease.
   Root-knot nematode disease is an important disease in the production of Gualou in Qianshan City, which seriously affects the yield and quality of Gualou, and has become a bottleneck restricting the development of Gualou industry in Qianshan City. In order to solve this problem effectively, from March to April this year, researcher Peng Deliang, the chief researcher of the crop nematode disease epidemic and prevention and control innovation team of our institute, and researcher Cao Aocheng of the soil pest innovation team, led the team members researcher Huang Wenkun and Wang Qiuxia many times Researcher, Associate Researcher Yan Dongdong, and a number of doctoral and master students went to Qianshan City to investigate the occurrence and damage of Gualou root-knot nematode disease, soil distribution, damage and disaster characteristics and local planting habits, and initially clarified Gualou root knots. The types and hazards of nematodes, and corresponding control measures have been formulated.
   In order to ensure the results of the test, the chief experts personally picked water to dispense medicines, carefully divided the communities, carefully checked the formulations of the medicines, and strictly collected soil samples. Their rigorous work style was highly praised by the local government and technicians. In Qianshan City, Chuanwen Gualou Cultivation Cooperative, use abamectin, fluopyram, thiazolium and other medicaments during planting of Gualou tubers or seedlings for irrigation or soil fumigation before planting. A variety of measures such as oligosaccharide immune inducers and rooting agents have carried out various forms of comprehensive prevention and control technology tests and demonstrations of cucurbita quinquefolia root-knot nematode disease, which has laid a good foundation for the effective management of cucurbita quinquefolia root-knot nematode disease. Work basis.