Professor Wang Depeng from the School of Life Sciences of Linyi University successfully held a pre-acceptance review meeting for the “13th Five-Year National Key R&D Plan” sub-project
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   On February 28, the national key R&D program”Technology Innovation for High Grain Yield and Efficiency” hosted by Professor Wang Depeng of the School of Life Sciences of Linyi University and”Shandong Dryland Irrigation Area Wheat-Maize Double Cropping Full-process Mechanized High Yield and Efficiency Technology Integration The pre-acceptance review meeting of the sub-project 6″Optimization and Integrated Demonstration of Wheat-Maize Whole-process Mechanized Equipment System” was successfully held. The review meeting invited three review experts from the project pre-acceptance review team, Associate Researchers Wang Zongshuai and Zhang Haofei of the Crop Research Institute of Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and Researcher Jian Shichun from Shandong Academy of Agricultural Machinery Sciences. Professor Wang Liang, Director of the Science and Technology Department of our school, Huang Yongliang, Secretary of the Party Committee of our school, and Professor Hu Xiaojun, deputy dean of our school attended the meeting.
  In the review meeting, the sub-project leader, Professor Wang Depeng, made a final acceptance report. The sub-project was mainly responsible for the integration and demonstration of the wheat-corn mechanized farmland system control technology. The corn was realized through measures such as sowing date adjustment and cultivation management optimization. -The annual high yield of the two-cropping system of wheat. A quantitative experiment on the annual light energy utilization efficiency of the two-cropping system of maize and wheat was carried out, which clarified the influence of the sowing date of maize and wheat on the characteristics of the annual light energy utilization. Of various light energy utilization indicators.
   After review, the review experts fully affirmed the results, process, and archives of the sub-project. Wang Zongshuai said that the sub-project has successfully completed the expected research tasks, and has done a good job in publicizing, driving and demonstrating the results. Zhang Haofei puts forward a series of guiding opinions on the sub-projects in combination with the research of the sub-projects, the types of results, and the financial use situation. Jian Shichun emphasized that we must attach great importance to the acceptance of sub-projects. It is recommended that special personnel form a special class to fully welcome the formal acceptance of the project.
  Wang Liang concluded that this sub-project was approved in July 2018 and supported by special funds from the central government. It is the first national key research and development project that Linyi University has participated in as an undertaking unit and cooperation; the school science and technology office attaches great importance to the sub-project. The acceptance and conclusion of the project will fully support and coordinate the smooth development of various tasks.