Portugal’s import and export volume of agri-food companies fell in January
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  Portuguese”Business Daily” reported on April 7 that according to the latest statistics from the Portuguese National Bureau of Statistics, the export volume of Portuguese agri-food companies in January was 522 million euros, a decrease of 4.7%; the import volume was 774 million euros, a decrease of 5.4%. The Portuguese government will pay 1.6 billion euros in aid to the agricultural sector in 2020, an increase of 168 million euros from the previous year. Among them, 11 million euros are provided for the wine industry for distillation and crisis storage. In addition, a credit line of 600 million euros has been provided to the agricultural sector. The Portuguese Minister of Agriculture revealed that the European”bazooka” plan includes 354 million euros to restore the agricultural sector, and the Portuguese government will further speed up the application, evaluation, approval and payment process.

  ISEG predicts that Portugal’s GDP will grow by 2.5%to 4.5%in 2021
   Portuguese Saab website reported on April 6 that the Institute of Economics and Management (ISEG) of the University of Lisbon, Portugal released a report showing that the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures led to a further decline in Portuguese economic activity from January to February this year. The restrictions were partially lifted in March. The economy has improved significantly. Portugal’s GDP in the first quarter is expected to drop by 2.5%to 3.5%from the previous quarter and 4.6%to 5.6%year-on-year. In 2021, the Portuguese economy will grow by 2.5%to 4.5%.