Plant-based leading brand Alpro officially landed in China, Danone increases its plant-based business in China
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  Alpro, one of the world’s leading plant-based brands, has officially landed in China! In the first Shanghai Coffee Culture Week, Danone officially released the Alpro professional master product series, sounding the clarion call for alpro to enter the Chinese market. Following the launch of the high-end plant-based product Provamel in less than half a year, Danone has launched another star product, showing that the global plant-based product giant has accelerated its layout in the Chinese plant-based market.
  ”In recent years, the coffee culture of Chinese consumers has risen rapidly, and coffee and tea consumption have prospered. Correspondingly, Chinese consumers’ health awareness and demand for plant-based foods are also accelerating, and consumers no longer Satisfied with the combination of a single”animal milk” and coffee or tea. Danone attaches great importance to the fast-growing Chinese market and has been committed to launching more plant-based products suitable for Chinese eating habits.” Danone Asian dairy products and plant-based products Senior Vice President Chen Yiying expressed the hope that by introducing the world’s leading plant-based brand alpro, it will provide a new generation of consumers with more global high-quality sustainable and diversified health options.
   Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center on March 29 was filled with the aroma of coffee. The alpro booth, which landed in China for the first time, attracted a large number of visitors and many coffee brands participating in the exhibition. The dark brown espresso passes through the milky white alpro and slowly flows down the transparent cup wall, like lava flowing down after a volcanic eruption. The air is filled with the wonderful aroma of coffee and coconut collision. Linda, an international coffee taster, is like a magician, creating a novel variety of plant-based coffee and tea.
  ”The alpro professional master series has a smooth taste, fresh and delicious, low sugar and low fat, suitable for coffee beans of all roasting levels. At the same time, it has dense and shiny milk foam, stable milk foam that is not easy to solidify, easy to whip and perfectly blends with coffee And many other advantages, it is the best choice for vegetarians and creative drinks and fun baking.” Linda said.
  alpro was founded in 1980, and has been making delicious, delicious and sustainable plant-based products for more than 40 years. It is the world’s leading plant-based brand. In line with the original intention of health and environmental protection, all alpro products use plant-based high-quality raw materials and are well received by consumers in more than 60 countries and regions around the world. The first to land in China this time is the professional master series of alpro, which includes three different plant flavors:oats, almond wood, and coconut.
   At the 3rd China International Import Expo last year, the debut of alpro attracted a lot of attention, and many well-known tea brands have extended their olive branches. During the first Shanghai Coffee Culture Week, alpro reached strategic distribution cooperation with Dongguan Jierong Food Co., Ltd., Shanghai Xiangji Coffee Trading Company, Shanghai Yitao Trading Company and other companies. Danone revealed that Alpro’s professional master products will gradually meet consumers through specialty coffee shops and tea shops. Among them, the new plant-based coffee drink jointly launched with the famous specialty coffee brand Seesaw has been well received by consumers once it was launched.
  ”‘To bring health to as many people as possible through food’ is Danone’s corporate mission. We will not only introduce products, we will also work with different coffee and tea brands to develop innovative and delicious plant-based beverages.” ‘Menu’ has made more consumers fall in love with plant-based diets and healthy lifestyles.” Chen Yiying said.