Notice of the Shanghai Municipal Health Commission on Printing and Distributing the”Main Points of Public Affairs of the Shanghai Municipal Health Commission in 2021″ (Shanghai Health Office [2021] No. 1)
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The Supervision Office of the Municipal Health Commission, the Municipal Health Promotion Center, the Municipal Health Information Center, the various offices of the Commission and the Municipal Health Bureau:
   In order to implement the”Main Points of Public Affairs of Shanghai Municipality in 2021″ (Hufu Office (2021) No. 21), the”Main Points of Public Affairs of Shanghai Municipal Health Commission in 2021″ have been formulated, which is now printed and distributed to you, please follow carried out.
   hereby notify.
  Shanghai Municipal Health Commission Office
   April 15, 2021
   2021 Shanghai Municipal Health Commission’s government affairs disclosure work points
  In 2021, our committee will thoroughly implement the decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on advancing open government affairs in the new era, and earnestly implement the”Regulations on Disclosure of Government Information” (hereinafter referred to as”Regulations”) and”Regulations on Disclosure of Information by the Shanghai Municipal Government” (Hereinafter referred to as the”Regulations”), as well as the national and the annual requirements for the disclosure of municipal affairs, focus on key tasks, continue to increase the disclosure of key areas, continue to promote the standardization of government affairs disclosure, and promote implementation and regulation with more effective government affairs disclosure. , Promote services, and continue to improve government transparency and credibility. Focus on the following tasks:
  1. Further deepen the active disclosure of health government information
   (1) Refine and deepen information disclosure in key areas of health. Focus on response to public health emergencies, strengthen public health information disclosure, and do a good job in the release of epidemic information under the normalization of the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic. Continue to promote the construction of online service columns for medical institutions in the city under the “One Internet Service”, and dynamically update various types of medical service information. Open up foreign, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan doctors’ short-term medical practice information inquiry services in China, and integrate and disclose Internet hospital information. Further improve the construction of offline information disclosure channels such as hospitals and community medical points, and optimize services such as information inquiry and medical guidance to facilitate the daily medical treatment of the elderly. Optimize the service appointment function recommendation of the”962120″ non-emergency transfer hotline, expand public awareness, and improve the convenience of citizens’ appointment and the accuracy of appointment service time. Continue to promote the implementation of the”Scan Code to Know Sanitation” project for drinking water.
   (2) Continue to publish and maintain statutory active public content. Strictly follow the requirements of the”Regulations” and”Provisions”, continue to expand and refine the statutory active disclosure content, implement dedicated personnel, and improve the daily inspection, maintenance and update working mechanism of the statutory active disclosure column. We will do a good job in the centralized disclosure of various plans, and actively disclose special plans such as the”14th Five-Year Plan” for Shanghai’s health reform and development and the”14th Five-Year Plan” for the development of Shanghai’s ageing services. Promptly publish budget final accounts and government bidding and procurement information. Implement the management of the list of powers and responsibilities and government service items, dynamically adjust and update the guide for government service items in a timely manner.
   (3) Actively implement the release of key work information. Focusing on key tasks, timely release major policies, do a good job of interpretation and publicity, timely disclose the implementation of key tasks, and widely publicize new policies and new results in the field of health. The report on the establishment of a government under the rule of law of our committee during the”13th Five-Year Plan” period was published. Continue to do a good job of”double random and one open”, and continue to announce the status of the handling of proposed proposals. Proactively disclose information about the two private practical projects,”Shanghai Demonstrative Community Rehabilitation Center Construction” and”New and Reconstructed 6 Medical First Aid Substations”.
  2. Further improve interpretation and response effectiveness
   (1) Promote accurate interpretation of policy documents. The active public policy documents formulated by our committee for enterprises and citizens must be interpreted. Strengthen the quality control of policy interpretation materials, answer and explain the general concerns and doubts collected in the policy formulation process in a targeted manner, and eliminate formal interpretation. Strengthen the post-implementation interpretation of the policy, and carry out a second interpretation and follow-up interpretation of new situations and new problems arising from the implementation of the policy. Reasonable choice of interpretation methods, clarify the connotation of the policy, comprehensively select press conferences, policy briefings, graphic illustrations, scene demonstrations, cartoons and animations, expert interviews, short videos and other diversified interpretation methods. The diversified interpretation rate during the year is not low. Less than 60%. Expand the coverage of policy interpretation. For important policy documents and interpretation materials, it is necessary to coordinate the reposting of major news media, key websites, and new media platforms to increase the reach and awareness of the policy.
   (2) Do a good job of responding to concerns and interacting with the government and the people on a daily basis. Optimize the online government-civilian interaction channel of the portal website, open the netizen message function on the policy release page, and open the online consulting function in the prominent position of the government-civilian interaction section to promote the construction of knowledge base and the joint construction, sharing, and sharing of the”12345″ government service general customer service knowledge base. shared. Improve the transfer, division, feedback, and selection mechanism of online problem suggestions, and the business department is responsible for answering and responding to the collected problem suggestions. Strictly implement the deadline for responding, and respond to complaints received through online leadership mailboxes, people’s suggestion solicitation mailboxes, and online letters and visits, etc., in strict accordance with the statutory deadlines; opinions received through online consultation, website messages, and the”12345″ online acceptance platform For inquiries and questions, the reply period shall not exceed 5 working days, and simple questions shall be answered within 1 working day. For the “One Internet Service” government affairs service that ranks low with good bad reviews and the “12345” government affairs service general customer service consultation and complaints, the undertaking department should make special responses, improve the handling process in a targeted manner, and effectively crack the corporate citizens. The pain points of doing things are blocking the problems. Encourage the development of”cloud research, cloud visits, and cloud feedback”. For the”convenient medical treatment project”, one of the 16 popular projects, online questionnaire surveys should be carried out through channels such as the”One Internet Service” portal and the”Applying to the Application” mobile terminal. .
  3. Further promote a higher level of decision-making disclosure and public participation
   (1) Implement catalog management of major administrative decision-making matters. Strictly implement the”Provisions of Shanghai Municipality on Major Administrative Decision-Making Procedures” and supporting documents, and implement catalog management of major administrative decision-making matters. Before March 31 of each year, determine and publish the list of major administrative decision-making matters of our committee. Follow-up will be based on the progress of the decision-making matters, and the draft decision-making of each item, the formulation background, the acceptance of opinions and the meeting shall be collected in the form of the catalog. Various information such as deliberation and decision-making results are displayed with hyperlinks.
   (2) Public participation in the whole process of implementing major administrative decisions. Improve the public participation mechanism for major administrative decision-making, unblock the channels for the people to participate in the formulation of public health policies, standardize the pre-disclosure of decision-making, invite stakeholders to attend the decision-making meeting of our committee, and open the meeting. To improve the targeting and quality of government decision-making, the formulation of enterprise-related policies must listen to the opinions of relevant enterprises and industry associations, and the hearing and adoption of opinions shall be the preconditions for discussion at the meeting. Expand the coverage of the solicitation of opinions on important decision-making drafts. In addition to publicizing the drafts of decision-making drafts that need to be publicly solicited, such as administrative normative documents, they must also be collected through publicly used platforms such as the people’s suggestion solicitation mailbox and new government media. The public’s opinions and suggestions on the draft decision-making, and within 10 working days after the publication of the decision-making document, the collection and adoption of the previous opinions and the reasons why the more concentrated opinions are not adopted are disclosed to the public. Enhancing public participation in the decision-making review process, and inviting corporate representatives, citizen representatives and other stakeholders’ representatives to attend our committee’s decision-making meetings for no less than 3 times during the year. In principle, specific topics will be selected from the catalog of major administrative decision-making issues, and representatives will be present as non-voting delegates and their opinions expressed. Open to the public.
   (3) Organize open government activities. Combining actual work and focusing on related topics of health supervision, organizing open health supervision activities, inviting representatives of the National People’s Congress, CPPCC members, media, and residents to participate, and letting the public understand more and more truthfully through discussion and exchanges, following law enforcement inspections, etc. , Recognize and support sanitation supervision work.
  4. Further strengthen the standardization of government affairs disclosure
   (1) Dynamically optimize and update the catalogue of open government affairs standards. Continue to optimize and adjust our committee’s government affairs disclosure standard catalog to ensure that the standard catalog has full coverage and no omissions in key business tasks. It is necessary to set up the entrance of the web version of the standard catalog in a prominent position on the portal of our committee, and realize one-click access to the public content through hyperlinks and other methods, so as to facilitate the public to directly view the public information through the standard catalog.
   (2) Strengthen the innovative application of standardized and standardized results. It is necessary to strengthen the research and transformation of the standardized and standardized work results of government affairs disclosure, develop integrated, thematic, and scenario-based disclosure products around the”occupational health” of enterprises and workers, strengthen portal websites, new government affairs media, and”submit” mobile End-to-end platform linkage. It is necessary to strengthen the guidance and refinement of the pilot work experience of standardization and standardization in the health field of each district, and introduce a standardized application product on the basis of the pilot. Mature experience and practices should be replicated and promoted throughout the city in a timely manner.
  (3) Promote the extension of standardization work to public enterprises and institutions. After the National Health Commission promulgated the information disclosure regulations for public enterprises and institutions in the field of health and health, a list of applicable entities within the scope of the system was listed, and relevant public enterprises and institutions were urged to study and formulate specific implementation rules to fully disclose various service information in accordance with the law.
  5. Further strengthen channel and window construction
   (1) Continue to strengthen the management of portal website construction. Further strengthen the construction of the portal website, continue to strengthen the census and rectification of the website, open the government affairs disclosure standard catalogue, the rule of law government construction and other government affairs disclosure columns, improve the interactive message function and barrier-free level, and continue to promote the balance of government affairs disclosure, service services, and government-civilian interaction. , Integrated development.
   (2) Promoting the standardization of new government media. Strictly implement the supervisor’s hosting responsibilities, strengthen industry management, strengthen the construction of new government media’s operational interaction and guidance capacity, coordinate the pre-review and judgment of information release, post-comment collection and interactive communication, and achieve authoritative release, guiding expectations, and responding The combined effect of concerns. Increase the push and dissemination of important policies and interpretation materials by new government media.
   (2) Strengthen the service capacity building of open government affairs windows. It is necessary to strengthen the business training of the staff of our committee’s government affairs open service window, and improve the window’s response to service needs and on-site processing capabilities.
  VI. Further consolidate the foundation for open government affairs
   (1) Regulate the open management of government information. Promote the unified disclosure of administrative normative documents, systematically clean up the current effective administrative normative documents of our committee, and centrally disclose them through the government information disclosure column of the portal website. Strictly implement the work mechanism for the source review of public document disclosure and pre-publication review, and carry out a comprehensive review and attribution of government documents that have not been identified by the Commission since 2010. The government information disclosure column of the portal website’s”Policies” The “Documents” column was made public, and the subject classification of the “One Type of Matters” policy documents was strengthened.
   (2) Optimize and perfect the work according to the application. Accurately apply the”Regulations” and”Provisions”, strictly grasp the scope of non-disclosure, and standardize and improve the quality and effectiveness of disclosure work upon application. Establish a normalized review mechanism for open transfer upon application. For government information publicly provided upon application, review, research and judgment shall be carried out simultaneously, and timely transfer and disclosure shall be made in accordance with the conditions for active disclosure. Continuously optimize and standardize the internal processing procedures of our government information in accordance with the application, shorten the processing time as much as possible, and improve the efficiency of response. The requirements and standards for charging fees shall be specified in the Guidelines for the Disclosure of Government Information of the Commission to strengthen charging management.
  (3) Improve job security and supervision. Further improve the working mechanism in which the main leaders personally take charge, the leaders in charge are responsible for the specific responsibility, and the government affairs open work organization coordinated and promoted the working mechanism. The main leaders listened to at least one report on open government affairs during the year, focusing on the in-depth development of open government affairs. Carry out government affairs disclosure training, do a good job in the daily guidance of the district health committees for government affairs disclosure work, effectively improve the work ability and level of government affairs disclosure staff, and establish and improve work coordination and linkage mechanisms. Continue to include open government affairs in the scope of annual assessment, and strengthen supervision and inspection of open government affairs.