Notice of the Qinghai Provincial Market Supervision Administration Office on Issuing the 2021 Provincial Supervision and Random Inspection and Risk Monitoring Plan for Product Quality in Qinghai Province
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   In accordance with the provisions of the Product Quality Law of the People’s Republic of China, the Consumer Rights Protection Law of the People’s Republic of To improve the effectiveness of product quality supervision and spot checks, on the basis of extensive solicitation of opinions and suggestions from all walks of life, the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau formulated the”Provincial Supervision and Spot Check and Risk Monitoring Plan for Product Quality in Qinghai Province in 2021.” The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:
  1. Focus of work
   In 2021, the provincial supervision and spot check and risk monitoring of product quality in Qinghai Province will be guided by General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important exposition on high-quality development, combined with the actual conditions of the province, highlighting three characteristics:First, achieve the”three persistences””, that is, adhere to the ecological priority, adhere to the people’s livelihood orientation and problem orientation, and adhere to the integrated supervision of production and circulation; the second is to achieve”two highlights”, highlight key industrial products, and highlight special groups of consumer products such as women, children, and the elderly; third, Strengthen the testing of key indicators, focus on environmental protection, safety indicators and key performance indicators to implement supervision and spot checks. This year plans to check 70 kinds of products, mainly including 3 kinds of student supplies, 4 kinds of footwear and textiles, 8 kinds of food-related products, 9 kinds of light industrial products, 9 kinds of agricultural materials products, 3 kinds of fire-fighting products, and 9 kinds of construction and decoration materials. There are 17 kinds of chemical products, 5 kinds of automobile-related products, and 3 kinds of energy products. In addition, risk monitoring was carried out for one type of school supplies (student stationery) and one food-related product (plastic bottles for infants and young children).
  Second, related requirements
  The Provincial Market Supervision Bureau will carefully organize and carry out the provincial supervision and random inspection of product quality in accordance with the random inspection plan, timely release the inspection notice, and organize the investigation and punishment of product quality violations in accordance with the law. According to actual work needs, the spot check plan will be dynamically adjusted when necessary, and the supervision and spot check of other products will be organized. Local market supervision departments should combine the deployment of random inspections with provincial bureaus, make overall arrangements for random inspections at the same level, so that the provinces, cities (prefectures), and districts (counties) are mutually complementary and closely linked to avoid repeated random inspections. At the same time, it is necessary to seriously cooperate with the provincial supervision and spot checks organized by the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, actively send personnel to participate in sampling, promptly investigate and deal with quality substandard cases assigned by the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, and form a long-term supervisory mechanism that links up and down to promote the quality of products across the province. constantly improving.
  Qinghai Provincial Market Supervision Administration Office
   April 15, 2021