Notice of the Office of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Shanxi Province on Carrying out the Monitoring of the Quality and Safety of Fresh Milk in 2021 (Jinongban Muyifa [2021] No. 76)
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   Municipal Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau:
  According to the “Notice on Carrying out the 2021 Raw Milk Quality and Safety Monitoring and Supervision and Sampling Check” (Nongmu Bianhan [2021] No. 144) document requirements of the Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, our province will continue to organize production in 2021. For fresh milk quality and safety monitoring work, the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows.
  1. Strengthen the daily supervision of fresh milk purchasing stations and trucks
  The agricultural and animal husbandry authorities of each city shall effectively assume the responsibility of supervision and regularly monitor the districts under their jurisdiction
Inspection of raw milk purchasing stations and transport vehicles within   , resolutely banning non-compliance with statutory conditions
  ’s fresh milk purchasing station and transport truck. Fresh milk trucks operating across provinces must be subject to the supervision of the issuing place as well as the place of operation to ensure full coverage of supervision.
  Second, to ensure the smooth operation of the”dairy industry supervision platform”
  The competent agricultural and animal husbandry departments of each city shall arrange for special personnel to be responsible for the information verification and reporting of the fresh milk purchase stations and transport vehicles within their jurisdictions, update the information in time, and accurately grasp the changes in the milk stations and transport vehicles. If the authority to issue licenses and transportation permits is transferred to the local administrative hall, and if a new permit is required after the expiry date, each city shall urge the person in charge of the enterprise to immediately apply for the new”Fresh Milk Purchase Permit” and”Raw Fresh Milk Permit Certificate” , And print out the certificate on the”Dairy Industry Supervision Platform”, with a QR code that can be directly scanned to generate the farm information. Strictly implement the filing of the”Fresh Milk Purchase and Sale Contract” in the”Milk Industry Supervision Platform”. Those who have not yet uploaded the”Fresh Milk Purchase and Sale Contract” on the platform must be completed as soon as possible, and those that have been uploaded but changed must be re-filed and uploaded.
  3. Ensure the orderly development of raw milk monitoring
  All municipal agricultural and animal husbandry departments should seriously organize relevant units within their jurisdictions to arrange early deployment, actively cooperate with fresh milk testing units to carry out sampling and on-site inspections, and complete the monitoring tasks arranged by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs in our province with quality and quantity. If there are special reasons to make partial adjustments to the monitoring plan during the sampling process, all cities are requested to cooperate to ensure the smooth completion of the province’s monitoring tasks.
  1. Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Department
  Contact person:Jing Biao
  Contact number:0351-8235508
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  2. Shanxi Animal Husbandry Genetics and Breeding Center
  Contact person:Guo Peng Yuan Rui
  Contact number:0351-6830387
  3. Shanxi Province Livestock Product Quality and Safety Inspection and Monitoring Center
  Contact person:Lu Xiangling
  Contact number:13700508830
   Email:[email protected]
  4.”Dairy Industry Supervision Platform” Technical Support Unit
   Contact person:Liang Haijun
  Contact number:010-62160212
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   Office of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Department of Shanxi Province
   April 9, 2021