Notice of the Office of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Jiangxi Province on Issuing the Implementation Plan for the Special Remediation Action of Clenbuterol in the Province (Gan Agricultural Department Office [2021] No. 10)
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Agricultural and Rural Bureau of each districted city, and Social Development Bureau of Ganjiang New District:
   Now the”Province”Clenbuterol” Special Remediation Action Implementation Plan” is issued to you, please carefully implement it.
   March 26, 2021
  The province’s”Clenbuterol” special rectification action implementation plan
   In order to further strengthen the supervision of”Clenbuterol” and effectively guarantee the quality and safety of livestock products in the province, according to the”Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs on the Implementation of Special Remediation Actions for”Clenbuterol” (Agricultural Affairs and Animal Husbandry [2021] 18 No.) Spirit, combined with the reality of our province, formulate this plan.
  I. Overall goal
   Effectively improve political positions, adhere to the people-centered principle, and follow the principle of”territorial management, departmental linkage, and social participation”, and focus on the illegal use of”clenbuterol” and other contraband by meat, beef and sheep breeding, trafficking, and slaughtering companies Illegal activities, coordinated the supervision of live pig”Clenbuterol”, organized a three-month special rectification action for”Clenbuterol” throughout the province, and resolutely cracked down on the illegal use of”lean meat” in livestock and poultry breeding, transportation, and slaughtering. Illegal behaviors such as”Jing” and other contraband products to eliminate hidden dangers in the quality and safety of livestock products.
  Second, key tasks
   (1) Carry out a comprehensive investigation. All localities must earnestly implement territorial management responsibilities, and quickly organize comprehensive inspections of meat, beef and sheep breeding farms (households), trafficking operators and slaughter companies. In the process of investigation in the breeding and slaughter links, a certain number of samples shall be taken proportionally for rapid screening of”clenbuterol”, and the main responsibility shall be strictly performed, leaving no loopholes and dead ends.
   1. Carry out investigations on breeding links. Focus on the inspection of the implementation of the breeding safety commitment system, the slaughter guarantee system and the slaughter inspection, and strictly check the breeding archives to prevent false promises and records.
  2. Carry out investigations on the procurement and trafficking links. Focus on checking the implementation of the acquisition and trafficking record information system by live animal purchase and trafficking enterprises (cooperatives, brokers), and dynamically grasp the channels for the purchase and sale of live animals. It is necessary to work with relevant departments to investigate live animal trading places, focusing on checking whether there are quarantine certificates and purchase and trafficking records for the live animals.
  3. Carry out investigations on the slaughter process. Focus on inspections of slaughter companies’ implementation of the”Clenbuterol” self-inspection system, and strictly check relevant file records to prevent false records.
   (2) Carry out supervision and random inspections. According to the 2020 agricultural product quality and safety special rectification”Sword” action and the quality and safety risk monitoring results of the slaughter process, the provincial level will combine the province’s agricultural product quality and safety monitoring work in 2021 to organize and carry out the”clenbuterol” supervision and sampling inspections, and the problem-prone areas Increase the frequency of random inspections, adopt methods such as open and unannounced visits, inspections, etc., to discover potential safety hazards in time.
  (3) Severely crack down on illegal activities. All localities must strengthen the linkage of inspections and crackdowns, promptly and strictly investigate and punish, and severely crack down on all kinds of illegal activities involving”clenbuterol”. In the process of breeding, purchasing, trafficking, and slaughter, if any illegal problems of”Clenbuterol” are discovered, they shall be transferred to the public security organs for investigation and legal responsibilities according to the clue transfer and case supervision mechanism of”Clenbuterol”. Keep an eye on the clues of”clenbuterol” problems found in the special rectification actions, actively coordinate with the public security organs to track down the source of”clenbuterol” production and sales and the sales chain of problem products, and resolutely break down production black dens and underground sales networks. Improve the cross-regional investigation mechanism. If live animals containing”clenbuterol” are found in the slaughter test to come from other places, they should promptly notify the agricultural and rural departments of the origin after obtaining the confirmation results. The agricultural and rural departments of the origin will immediately respond to the suspected use after receiving the notification.”Clenbuterol” farms (households) conduct supervision, inspection, sampling and testing, and provide timely feedback on the investigation and treatment status. If it is discovered that there are clues to problems such as whispering information for the subject of supervision and falsification in sampling tests, the relevant personnel shall be held accountable in accordance with disciplines and laws, and the”protective umbrella” must be resolutely removed.
   (4) Smooth reporting channels. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has set up a telephone number 010-59191356 for receiving social reports, and the provincial department has set up a telephone number 12316 for receiving social reports. All localities should widely mobilize the masses to participate in the crackdown on the illegal use of”Clenbuterol”, publicize the telephone number of reports to the public, accept reports from the masses, collect clues to the problems, and conduct verifications one by one to ensure that each item has feedback.
   (5) Strengthen publicity and guidance. All localities should make full use of various media, especially online new media channels, to carry out diversified and easy-to-understand propaganda for producers and operators of breeding, acquisition, trafficking, and slaughter, popularize legal and regulatory requirements, notify typical cases of violations, and guide the establishment of law-abiding operations. awareness. It is necessary to strengthen communication and cooperation with the media, and give full play to the role of public opinion guidance and social supervision.
  3. Relevant requirements
   (1) Strengthen organizational leadership. Our department has established a special rectification action leading group with the department’s animal husbandry and veterinary bureau, agricultural product quality and safety supervision bureau, and law enforcement supervision office participating as the team leader. All localities must strengthen organization and coordination, select business backbones, strengthen business training, improve the ability to discover hidden problems, strictly implement random sampling requirements, and must not be sent for inspection by the sampled unit to avoid the so-called”green sheep” to deal with inspection problems. It is necessary to fully mobilize all aspects of the system, strengthen coordination, and ensure high-quality completion of tasks. A special rectification work group was established, and before March 29, the list of the person in charge of the work group and the contact person and their contact information should be submitted to the Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau of the Department.
   (2) Strengthen departmental collaboration. All localities should strengthen the coordination and linkage with public security, market supervision and other departments, strengthen the clue transfer and case supervision work mechanism of”Clenbuterol”, promote the intensified investigation and handling of suspected criminal cases, and realize seamless connection of supervision in all links of production and circulation.
   (3) Strengthen information dispatch and urge supervision. Weekly dispatch, situation reporting, case supervision, and on-site inspections will be adopted to increase supervision and inspection, and to conduct interviews and supervision when necessary for places and units with slow actions and weak measures. All localities are requested to submit a weekly schedule of the progress of the special rectification action every week before the end of the shift (see attachment), and report the summary of the special rectification action work to the Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau and the Agricultural Products Quality and Safety Supervision Bureau before June 28. Contact:Wen Hong, Department of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau, 0791-86217341, [email protected]; Department of Agricultural Products Quality and Safety Supervision Bureau Wan Hua, 0791-86110058, [email protected]; Department of Law Enforcement Supervision, Zhang Xiaoming, 0791-86219719, zfjdc