Notice of the Office of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Jiangxi Province on Doing a Good Job in the Supervision of Agricultural GMOs in 2021 (Gannong Department Office [2021] No. 12)
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Agricultural and Rural Bureau of each districted city, Social Development Bureau of Ganjiang New Area, and related units:
   According to the”Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs on Printing and Distributing the 2021 Agricultural GMO Supervision Work Plan” (Nongbanke [2021] No. 4), combined with the actual situation of Jiangxi Province, we will now do the 2021 agricultural GMO The notice of biosafety supervision work is as follows.
   One, clear work goals
   Strictly implement the”Biosafety Law of the People’s Republic of China”,”The Seed Law of the People’s Republic of China”,”Agricultural GMO Safety Management Regulations” and other laws and regulations, and severely crack down on illegal agricultural GMO research, testing, production, operation, processing, etc. . The coverage rate of on-site inspection of agricultural genetically modified research and experiment and agricultural genetically modified processing enterprises in the jurisdiction is 100%, and the coverage rate of sampling inspection for agricultural scientific research breeding unit test base and Nanfan breeding base is 100%.
   2. Highlight the focus of work
   (1) Strengthen the supervision of research and experiment links. Check the full coverage of agricultural genetically modified R&D units, strictly check whether intermediate trials are reported in accordance with the law, whether environmental release and production trials are reported for approval in accordance with the law, whether research on new breeding technologies such as gene editing is carried out in accordance with the law, supervise the entire process of agricultural genetically modified trials, and check control conditions before filing Whether it is compliant, check whether the control measures are in place after approval, the traceable management of test materials, the harvest and residues after the test, etc., arrange for professionals to track the growth and decline of pests, population structure and organisms in genetically modified crop cultivation areas Diversity changes, strictly prevent the transfer of target pests from causing harm to other crops, and prevent the rise of secondary pests.
   (2) Strengthen the supervision of the regional trial registration of varieties. Strictly implement the requirement of”Regional testing and variety registration for varieties that have not obtained the agricultural genetically modified organisms safety certificate”, the applicant should ensure that the variety does not contain unauthorized genetically modified ingredients; the testing or registration organization must be Jiangxi pilot) and provincial-level regional test varieties were tested, and the test was immediately terminated or the registration was stopped if the illegally contained genetically modified ingredients were found.
   (3) Strengthen the supervision of seed production and operation. Carry out genetically modified component testing on seed breeding materials and related breeding bases to strictly prevent illegal genetically modified breeding. Intensify the testing of seeds before and during the seedling stage. Carry out the seed sales link and special sampling inspection of genetically modified seeds during the seed harvest season to strictly prevent illegal genetically modified seeds from entering the market. Strengthen the supervision of seed packaging and labeling, increase the random inspection of genetically modified ingredients in the seed market and operating stores, and strictly investigate the illegal processing and sales of genetically modified seeds.
   (4) Strengthen import processing supervision. Strengthen the supervision of agricultural genetically modified organisms processing enterprises and the control of the flow of imported agricultural genetically modified organisms. Strictly check the implementation of process control measures such as transportation, storage, and processing, and comprehensively check the file records of product purchase, processing, sales, management and the video monitoring system in the factory to ensure that all imported agricultural genetically modified organisms are used for raw material processing, and it is strictly forbidden to change the use.
   (5) Strengthen the supervision of the southern propagation base. Increase random inspections of southern breeding bases in the region, strictly investigate privately carrying out agricultural genetic modification experiments and breeding practices, and resolutely eradicate illegal experiments and breeding materials. Strengthen communication with relevant departments of Hainan Province, timely grasp the violations of the southern breeding units of our province, strictly manage the southern breeding units of our province, conduct serious interviews with the violation units, and order rectification.
  3. Strengthen safeguard measures
   (1) Compact the main responsibility. Agricultural genetically modified organisms R&D units shall establish agricultural genetically modified organisms safety teams, and the legal representatives of the units shall effectively assume the legal responsibility for supervision. Seed production and business units should strengthen the management of seed-producing parents, establish and improve files, and strictly prevent the illegal production and management of genetically modified seeds. Agricultural genetically modified organisms processing enterprises shall establish agricultural genetically modified organisms safety management teams, establish and strictly implement agricultural genetically modified organisms safety management systems, and strictly prohibit changes in their uses to ensure that biologically active genetically modified materials do not enter the environment.
   (2) Strengthen supervision and inspection. All localities must implement the territorial management responsibilities for the supervision of agricultural genetically modified organisms, guarantee personnel, equipment and work funds, and deploy special genetically modified supervision work. Conduct more than 2 on-site inspections within one year of research and experimentation, test bases, processing enterprises, production (multiple) seed bases and markets within the jurisdiction. Strengthen the supervision and management of market seeds, seed production (propagation) bases, and southern production bases (propagation) materials. It is necessary to do a good job in the law enforcement of agricultural genetically modified organisms supervision, and do a good job in investigating and handling major cases and trans-regional agricultural administrative law enforcement. Relevant units must implement various tasks in accordance with the division of responsibilities.
   (3) Strengthen publicity and training. Intensify the scientific popularization and publicity of agricultural genetically modified organisms safety supervision. Carry out GM science education in agriculture-related colleges and universities, and carry out GM science popularization in conjunction with grassroots lectures in agricultural lecture halls, training of agricultural technicians, and training of high-quality farmers; promote the safety management of agricultural GM organisms through online science popularization, expert lectures, and distribution of materials Laws and regulations, basic common sense, etc., to build a good atmosphere for the safety management of agricultural genetically modified organisms.
   (4) Intensify investigation and punishment. Collect clues about violations in a comprehensive manner, file a case for investigation in a timely manner, and deal with it strictly in accordance with the law, and disclose information about completed cases in accordance with the law, exposing the results of the investigation, and forming a deterrent. Grasp key cases tightly, dig deep into the source of clues, and eliminate the source of illegal proliferation. Encourage all sectors of the society to report violations of laws and regulations, carefully check the clues of the report, and give feedback on the verification situation in a timely manner.
  (5) Grasp the progress of work. Agricultural and rural departments at all levels should adjust and optimize the leading group for agricultural genetically modified safety supervision and clarify the division of responsibilities. Strictly implement various regulatory measures, review and summarize the previous month’s monthly regulatory information in the jurisdiction on time, submit it on time before the 5th of each month, and submit the half-year work status before June 10th. A timely summary of the agricultural GMO supervision work throughout the year shall be submitted to the Department of Science and Technology and Education before December 10. Contact:Jiang Jiamin, 0791-86238916; [email protected]
   April 5, 2021