Notice of the Hubei Provincial Market Supervision Administration on the Full Implementation of the Notification and Commitment System in the Small Restaurant Business License
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Market Supervision Bureau of each city, state, municipality directly under the jurisdiction of Shennongjia Forest Area:
   In order to further promote the reform of”decentralization, management and service”, create a better business environment, and optimize the process of small restaurant business licenses, according to the”Provincial People’s Government on Printing and Distributing Hubei Province’s”Separation of Licenses and Licenses” Reform” implementation plan for the full coverage of the pilot work The spirit of the “Notice” (Ezhengbanfa [2020] No. 57) and the “Notice of the General Administration of Market Supervision on Accelerating the Reform of Food Business Licenses” (Guo Shi Jian Shi Jing [2018] No. 213) are now operating in small restaurants The notification and commitment system is fully implemented in the license and the notification is as follows:
  1. The meaning of the notification and commitment system
  The notification and commitment system means that when an applicant submits a license application, the approval department informs him of the license conditions and materials to be submitted at one time. The applicant submits all the materials within the specified time, conforms to the legal form, and the written promise that the submitted materials are consistent with the actual situation Yes, the examination and approval department may make a written administrative license decision on the spot.
   Two, the scope of application
   To apply for new establishment, change, renewal, reissuance, or cancellation of a small restaurant business license, the notification and commitment system shall be fully implemented. The notification and commitment system does not apply to the licensing matters that directly concern the major interests of others. According to Article 85 of the”Hubei Province Food Safety Regulations”, the scale of small catering is determined by the municipal (prefecture) people’s government based on the actual local conditions.
  3. Handling procedures
   1. Inform. The applicant submits an application for a small restaurant business license, and the specific examination and approval department presents the”Small restaurant business license notification”, and informs the applicant of the scope of application, licensing basis, statutory conditions, submission of materials, breach of commitment responsibility, etc. Add license conditions and submission materials).
   2. Commitment. The applicant shall conduct self-inspection in accordance with the”Small Catering Business License Notification Letter” and”Small Catering Business License Commitment Letter”, and if it meets the requirements of the notification commitment, make a commitment and submit materials.
  3. Approval. The examination and approval department organizes the review according to law:if the submitted materials are complete, conform to the legal form, and the written promise that the actual situation is consistent with the submitted materials, the on-site inspection may not be performed, and the”Small Catering Business Permit” may be directly issued; after review, the applicant does not meet the requirements The general procedures shall be followed for the notification of the commitment requirements.
  4. Supervision. The examination and approval department pushes the applicant’s permission data to the supervisory department, which will incorporate it into daily supervision and management.
  4. Relevant requirements
   (1) Strengthen organizational leadership. Market supervision departments at all levels should raise awareness, strengthen organizational leadership, establish working mechanisms, implement work responsibilities, formulate and improve management measures, and ensure the orderly and effective implementation of the notification and commitment system for small catering business licenses.
   (2) Strengthen supervision during and after the event. For operators who obtain small catering business licenses by way of notification and commitment, the market supervision department shall implement supervision and inspections within 30 working days after receiving the approval data from the approval department, focusing on checking whether the actual situation of small catering is consistent with the promised content, Whether the operating conditions meet the food safety requirements, etc. If the actual situation is inconsistent with the promised content, it shall be ordered to rectify within a time limit; if the circumstances are serious or the operating conditions cannot be met after rectification within a time limit, the market supervision department shall notify the approval department to revoke the small restaurant business license in accordance with the law, and shall comply with Article of the Administrative Licensing Law. Article 78 and Article 79 shall be dealt with.
   (3) Implement the main responsibility. Applicants shall be responsible for the safety of their food business, engage in business activities in accordance with laws, regulations and food safety standards, ensure food safety, be honest and self-discipline, and accept social supervision. Because the applicant did not truthfully promise that the accident occurred, it shall bear the main responsibility for food safety.
  Attachment:1. Small restaurant business license notification letter
  2. Small restaurant business license commitment letter
   Hubei Provincial Market Supervision Administration
   April 13, 2021