Notice of the General Office of the People’s Government of Jilin Province on Issuing the Ten Policy Measures for the Bigger and Stronger Beef Cattle Industry in Jilin Province (Jizheng Banfa [2021] No. 15)
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People’s governments of cities (prefectures), Changbai Mountain Management Committee, Changchun New Area, China-Korea (Changchun) International Cooperation Demonstration Zone Management Committee, people’s governments of counties (cities), provincial government departments, offices, and directly affiliated institutions:
   The Ten Policies and Measures to Make the Beef Cattle Industry Bigger and Stronger in Jilin Province have been approved by the provincial government and are now issued to you. Please implement them carefully.
   General Office of the People’s Government of Jilin Province
   April 2, 2021
   (this piece is publicly released)
  Ten policy measures to make beef cattle industry bigger and stronger in Jilin Province
   In order to give full play to the resource advantages and industrial advantages of the beef cattle industry in our province, accelerate the promotion of the beef cattle industry to become bigger and stronger, consolidate the foundation for the development of the entire beef cattle industry chain, promote farmers’ income and prosperity, and help rural revitalization, the following measures have been formulated.
   1. Establish a special fund for the development of beef cattle industry
   Encourage and support powerful large-scale enterprises to take the lead in setting up a special fund for the development of beef cattle industry. It mainly adopts social capital-led, government-guided funds at all levels to follow-up investment, and market-oriented operations. The breeding, breeding, deep-processing of meat products, the utilization of manure resources, and the infrastructure and operation of the beef cattle industrial park are used for the entire industry. Chain Construction makes equity investment.
  Second, support the rapid development of beef cattle counties
   The top ten counties (cities, districts) in the annual new beef cattle inventory will be rewarded each year when the central and provincial levels can be used to support the distribution of animal husbandry-related transfer payment funds to support the development of beef cattle in the counties (cities, districts) industry. Focus on supporting beef cattle family farms, breeding professional cooperatives, two new types of business entities and leading enterprises, and beef cattle farms with household capacity to carry out standardized transformation, the introduction of high-quality breeding-age cows, and the use of high-quality frozen semen.
  3. Support basic cow herd expansion increment
   opens a green channel for the introduction of basic cows for beef cattle breeding companies, giving priority to approval and testing. Beef cattle breeding enterprises newly introduce basic cows that meet the standards of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. Those with a scale of more than 50 will be given a one-time bonus of 3,000 yuan per head, and the subsidy for a single enterprise shall not exceed 5 million yuan. For the newly introduced basic cows from outside the province to see calves, a one-time bonus will be given at 1,000 yuan per head for those with a scale of more than 50, and a single main body subsidy will not exceed 2 million yuan. If similar policies have already enjoyed city and county awards, the provincial level will not repeat the awards and subsidies.
  4. Support the establishment of a beef cattle breed breeding system
   Support the construction of core beef cattle breeding farms and bull breeding stations. Each beef cattle core breeding farm will be subsidized 2 million yuan, and each bull breeding station will be subsidized 1 million yuan. For the introduction of bulls that meet the standards of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, a subsidy of 10,000 yuan per head will be provided. Support Yanbian cattle breeding enterprises to use embryo transfer technology, with a subsidy of 500 yuan per embryo. The introduction and breeding projects of qualified beef cattle breeds shall be supported by market-oriented methods through the provincial-level animal and plant seed industry development fund.
  5. Support the infrastructure construction of beef cattle farms, breeding parks and slaughter and processing plants
   Encourage cities and counties to coordinate the use of fiscal linkages to promote rural revitalization subsidies, government bonds, and funds for returning home to start businesses, and carry out projects such as 10,000-head cattle farms, 1,000-head cattle farms, and slaughter processing. Focus on supporting the construction of large-scale breeding pens (including supporting facilities), Qinghuang storage cellars, slaughter and processing plants, warehousing cold chain logistics, intelligent management systems and other projects and the introduction of basic cows.
  6. Support beef cattle intensive processing and brand creation
   Guide beef cattle processing enterprises to use modern processing technology and equipment to produce and develop low-temperature beef food, health beef products, medical supplies and other intensive processing, as well as convenience, quick-frozen, and leisure beef products. Build a beef cattle product”central kitchen” and encourage enterprises Build Jilin beef cattle brand, develop modern marketing industry, and continuously extend the industrial chain. For processing enterprises with annual sales revenue of more than 5 billion yuan, a one-time reward of 2 million yuan will be given for product development.
   Seven. Support beef cattle insurance and financing innovation
   Take agricultural insurance business as the starting point, implement the “political, bank-guarantee responsibility” linkage to support animal husbandry, and encourage financial institutions and financing guarantee institutions to carry out policy-based insurance for beef cattle, breeding pens, and live beef cattle loans. The maximum insured amount per cow is increased from 10,000 yuan to 15,000 yuan, and the premium remains unchanged. Encourage banks to carry out beef cattle loan business through insurance mortgages, and give discounts to eligible beef cattle breeding entities of moderate scale. Innovate in the financing of movable and real estate in animal husbandry, enter the list of farms (households) that apply for live beef cattle mortgages and cattle ear labels into the province’s animal quarantine declaration system, and automatically warn them when they declare quarantine; develop land management rights and livestock and poultry housing property rights Mortgage financing. Accelerate the construction of a socialized veterinary service system, establish and improve the coordination mechanism of”animal epidemic prevention + insurance + harmless treatment”, and if it is necessary to pay insurance co-organization and other related expenses, it shall be implemented in accordance with the”Agricultural Insurance Regulations”.
  8. Improve the level of mechanization
   Implement the agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy, include the farms (households) purchasing automatic feeding, environmental control, disease prevention and control, waste treatment, forage production and other agricultural machinery and equipment into the scope of the subsidy according to the regulations, establish and improve the supervision mechanism to achieve Should make up. Support the one-time operation of corn and straw harvesting and storage. During the”14th Five-Year Plan” period, we will adopt the method of piloting and then promoting, and constructing and then supplementing. The province supports 10-20 demonstration production operations of one-time corn and straw harvesting and storage operations each year. Organize and carry out social services for the use of straw fodder to speed up the process of straw fodder. For business entities with a project investment of more than 3 million yuan and reaching the construction standard, 30%of the investment will be subsidized, and the maximum subsidy amount for a single household shall not exceed 1 million yuan.
  9. Support the utilization of straw for feed
  Using the National Grain Reformation Project, the whole corn silage of beef cattle farms is subsidized, and the subsidy is 60 yuan per ton according to the national subsidy standard. Support the utilization of straw for feed. For the newly built or rebuilt single yellow storage cellar with a volume of 500 cubic meters or more, the subsidy per cubic meter of storage cellar shall not exceed 30 yuan; for single households with more than 100 tons of straw collected, the subsidy shall be no more than 30 yuan per cubic meter. The subsidy for storing 1 ton of straw fermented feed is not higher than 35 yuan; for a single household that collects and stores more than 50 tons of straw dry feed, the subsidy for every 1 ton collected and stored is not higher than 65 yuan. The total amount of subsidies for each county (city, district) shall not exceed 5 million yuan.
  10. Do a good job of guiding services for beef cattle breeding projects
   Encourage cities and counties to integrate financial connections in accordance with regulations to promote rural revitalization subsidies, village collective economy, comprehensive straw utilization, black land protection, construction of new business entities and agricultural industrialization funds, and give priority to supporting the development of the beef cattle industry. Strengthen investment promotion, support leading enterprises in the industry to invest and build farms in our province, support Haoyue Group to build a globalized national beef cattle innovation center, strictly implement national regulations on breeding farm site selection, and simplify the approval procedures for animal epidemic prevention conditions. All levels of animal husbandry (agriculture and rural areas), development and reform, industry and information technology, finance, natural resources, ecological environment, water conservancy, energy, forestry and grassland, banking and insurance supervision and other departments must take the initiative to do a good job in site selection, project approval, and land use for beef cattle breeding farm projects Guidance services such as examination and approval, water use, electricity use, environmental protection, breeding bans, and financial guarantees will speed up the implementation of new beef cattle breeding projects.
  The above policies and measures shall be implemented from the date of issuance.