Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs on launching the assessment of the mayor’s responsibility system for the”Vegetable Basket” in 2020
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General offices (offices) of the people’s governments of all municipalities, cities under separate state planning and provincial capitals:
   In accordance with the”Notice of the General Office of the State Council on Printing and Distributing the Assessment Measures for the”Vegetable Basket” Mayor Responsibility System” (Guobanfa [2017] No. 1) and the newly revised”Implementation Rules for the Assessment Measures for the”Vegetable Basket” Mayor Responsibility System” ( Agricultural City Development (2021) No. 1, hereinafter referred to as”Implementation Rules”) requires that the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs will cooperate with the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Commerce, and the National Health Commission. , State Administration for Market Regulation, China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, China Securities Regulatory Commission and other member units of the “Vegetable Basket” inter-ministerial joint meeting on food management (hereinafter referred to as the “joint meeting”). The implementation of the responsibility system is assessed. The relevant matters of the assessment are hereby notified as follows.
   1. The assessment work arrangement for the mayor’s responsibility system of the”Vegetable Basket” in 2020
   (1) Self-evaluation. Before May 31, 2021, all municipalities, cities under separate state planning and provincial capitals shall provide relevant data on time and accurately in accordance with the relevant requirements of the”Implementation Rules” and the”Explanation of the Evaluation Indicators for the”Vegetable Basket” Mayor Responsibility System in 2020″ (see attachment) , Materials, carry out the self-assessment work, and complete the data filling and certification materials on the”Vegetable Basket” Mayor Responsibility System Assessment Management System (, the system will be launched from April 20 to May 31) Uploading, uploading of self-inspection reports, etc., and submit the paper-based self-inspection report, which has been reviewed and stamped by the responsible comrades of the people’s government of this province (autonomous region or municipality directly under the Central Government), in duplicate to the Market and Information Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. The self-examination report should comprehensively and objectively reflect the main work results of the”vegetable basket” mayor responsibility system in 2020, the self-evaluation of the assessment, the analysis of problems and causes, and the next work plan. The number of words should be within 3,500 words. Among them, the work success effect covers the effectiveness of measures in terms of live pig production, cold chain logistics of”vegetable basket” products, and public welfare agricultural product market construction.
   (2) Review and assessment. Before June 30, in accordance with the specific task division of the”Vegetable Basket Mayor Responsibility System Assessment Task Division Plan” (Nongshifa [2017] No. 5), the joint meeting leading departments and cooperating departments will compare the evaluation indicators and requirements. Combined with the daily supervision and inspection situation, the self-assessment situation of each municipality directly under the Central Government, cities separately listed in the plan and provincial capital cities will be reviewed and evaluated in the assessment management system.
   (3) Spot check and assessment. Before August 31, convene a joint meeting to determine the cities for spot checks, and all member units will jointly form a number of working groups to carry out on-site assessments and form spot checks and assessment reports.
   (4) Comprehensive assessment. Before October 31, convene a joint meeting to review the review results and spot checks, determine the assessment results, and form a comprehensive assessment report, which will be submitted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs to the State Council and a copy to the Central Organization Department.
   (5) Result feedback. Before December 31st, after the assessment results are reviewed and approved by the State Council, the joint meeting will notify the people’s governments of the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government) to give notifications to cities with outstanding assessment results for two consecutive times.
   2. Requirements for assessment work
   (1) Strengthen the organization and leadership of the assessment work. All localities must fully understand the importance of the construction of the”vegetable basket” project in the new development stage, consolidate the mayor responsibility system of the”vegetable basket”, strengthen the organization and leadership, overall coordination, material review and reporting of the assessment work, and ensure that the assessment is completed on schedule with high quality and efficiency. Evaluation work.
   (2) Seriously assess the discipline of self-evaluation work. The self-assessment work must be objective, fair, and realistic, and ensure the authenticity and accuracy of relevant supporting documents and materials. For cities that have falsified in the assessment, their assessment results will be cancelled and the criticism will be notified, and the directly responsible person will be held accountable in accordance with laws and regulations.
   (3) Strictly control the work schedule for assessment. All localities must strictly follow the requirements of the assessment working time, complete the data report and self-inspection report submission within the specified time. Proof materials must be strictly checked to ensure accuracy, conciseness, and pertinence.
   (4) Strictly observe the confidentiality requirements of documents and materials. The”Vegetable Basket” mayor is responsible for the evaluation and self-assessment process involving government and related department data, policies, plans, reports and other documents and materials. Confidential documents must be handled in strict accordance with the state’s various confidentiality regulations and requirements, and must not be uploaded to the evaluation management system .
  3. Contact information
  Contact person:Shen Chen Liu Fujiang
  Contact number:010-59191724/3279
   Pass True:010-59193147
  Address:Brand and Circulation Promotion Office, Department of Market and Information Technology, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, No. 11, Nongzhan South Lane, Chaoyang District, Beijing
  Attachment:Explanation of the assessment indicators for the mayor’s responsibility system of the”Vegetable Basket” in 2020
   General Office of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs
   April 12, 2021