Notice of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Guangdong Province on matters related to the replacement of licenses for the distribution of livestock and poultry products (Yue Nong Nong Gui [2021] No. 1)
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Agricultural and Rural Bureaus of each city listed on the market, Shenzhen Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau:
   In order to implement the”Opinions of the People’s Government of Guangdong Province on Strengthening the Whole Process Supervision and Safety of Live Pigs and Live Pig Products to Promote the High-quality Development of the Slaughtering Industry” (Yuefu [2020] No. 24) (hereinafter referred to as the”Opinions” of the Provincial Government) In line with the provincial government’s reform spirit of”delegation, regulation and service”, optimize the business environment, stimulate market vitality, and ensure the smooth flow of livestock and poultry products in the market. The relevant matters concerning the distribution and renewal of livestock and poultry products are hereby notified as follows:
  1. The distribution of livestock and poultry products in this province does not need to be renewed
  In accordance with the relevant provisions of the”Animal Epidemic Prevention Law” and the”Administrative Measures on Animal Quarantine”, the animal health supervision agency implements slaughter and quarantine of livestock and poultry in accordance with the slaughter and quarantine procedures, and issues”Animal Quarantine” Qualification Certificate”, affixed with the quarantine inspection seal or other quarantine marks. Animal products sold or transported can enter the circulation link with a quarantine certificate and quarantine mark issued by an official veterinarian. According to the”Administrative Measures for Animal Quarantine”, animal products that have passed quarantine
   The renewal of the distribution certificate after arriving at the destination is not a mandatory obligation. For livestock and poultry products that have passed quarantine, the outer packaging and quarantine marks are intact and meet the traceability requirements, and the livestock and poultry product wholesalers shall provide the original”Animal Quarantine Qualification Certificate” or the original”Animal Quarantine Qualified Certificate” when they are distributed in our province. The copy of the certificate is stamped with the seal of the wholesale operator, and the circulation destination and the distribution quantity and weight are recorded in the”Animal Quarantine Qualification Certificate” or recorded in other forms for circulation. It is not necessary to apply for the”Animal Quarantine Qualification Certificate” for distribution replacement.
   For the transfer of livestock and poultry products from this province, the owner re-applies for quarantine, the local animal health supervision agencies shall standardize the implementation of the distribution and renewal work in accordance with the requirements of Article 27 of the”Animal Quarantine Management Measures”.
  2. Further strengthen the quarantine of livestock and poultry slaughter and supervision of designated crossings
  All local animal health supervision agencies shall carry out animal quarantine work strictly in accordance with the regulations of livestock and poultry slaughter and quarantine, and further strengthen the supervision of designated crossings for animals and animal products entering Guangdong. Livestock and poultry products imported into Guangdong by road shall comply with the requirements of the “Notice of the People’s Government of Guangdong Province on the Importation of Animals and Animal Products from the Province’s Designated Crossings” (Yuefu Han [2019] No. 196) and comply with relevant national and Guangdong regulations. Carry the quarantine certificate (animal health certificate) and other certificates issued by the relevant department of the place of origin on the vehicle, and carry it in from the designated crossing, and accept the supervision and inspection of epidemic prevention by the animal health supervision and inspection station (including inspection, inspection, disinfection and information registration and traceability, etc.) , You can enter the province only after checking the qualified signature. Where livestock and poultry products enter Guangdong by non-road transportation, relevant materials that are not transported by road shall be provided to the consignee for inspection.
  3. Further implement the main responsibility of the enterprise and strengthen communication and cooperation between departments
  In accordance with the Provincial Government’s”Opinions” and the requirements of the province’s edible agricultural product quality and safety supervision work, local agricultural and rural departments strengthen communication and collaboration with market supervision and other departments, and do a good job in the distribution of non-renewable livestock and poultry products in accordance with their duties. Work in connection with market access. Livestock and poultry slaughter companies shall be responsible for the quality and safety of their slaughtered and sold livestock and poultry products. All localities shall supervise and urge livestock and poultry slaughter companies to establish a livestock and poultry entry inspection registration system and a livestock and poultry product delivery record system to ensure that pig products leave the field (factory). The two certificates and two chapters are complete, and other livestock and poultry products (factories) are accompanied by the”Animal Quarantine Qualification Certificate”, etc., so as to effectively manage the production of livestock and poultry products.
  This notice will be implemented on April 11, 2021, and will be valid for five years.
   Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Guangdong Province
  March 11, 2021