Notice of the Beijing Municipal Health Commission on Issuing the Main Points of Beijing Municipal Health Work in 2021
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The Municipal Bureau of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Municipal Medical Management Center, the Municipal Association of Aging, the district health committees, the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone Social Affairs Bureau, the various offices of the committee, the tertiary hospitals, and the directly affiliated units:
  According to the state and the city’s health work deployment arrangements, our committee has formulated the”Key Points of Beijing Municipal Health Work in 2021″, which is now issued to you. Please implement it in accordance with the actual situation.
  Beijing Municipal Health Commission
   March 30, 2021
  Key points of health work in Beijing in 2021
   The overall requirement for Beijing’s health work in 2021 is to, guided by Xi Jinping’s thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era, thoroughly implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Plenary Sessions of the 19th Central Committee. Implement the deployment of the 15th and 16th Plenary Sessions of the 12th Municipal Party Committee, adhere to the Party’s leadership in health work, and take the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party as the driving force, and focus on the construction of”four centers” and the enhancement of”four services” capabilities , Firmly grasp the political and business attributes of health work, take the people as the center, and focus on normalized epidemic prevention and control, and deepen the construction of a healthy Beijing, make a good start for the”14th Five-Year Plan” and take the lead in basic Provide strong support for realizing socialist modernization, maintaining the safety of the capital, and building a world-class harmonious and livable city. Focus on the following tasks:
  1. Make every effort to prevent and control the new crown pneumonia epidemic
   (1) Strengthen epidemic surveillance and prevention and control. Closely monitor and analyze the epidemic situation at home and abroad, do a good job in evaluating the effects of epidemic prevention and control measures, and adjust prevention and control strategies and measures in a timely and scientific manner. Do a good job in normalized epidemic data statistics and information reporting to provide support for epidemic prevention and control decision-making and command and dispatch. Promote the establishment of a sound multi-point collection and analysis trigger mechanism for infectious disease monitoring and early warning, and orderly carry out social epidemic monitoring. Continue to improve the nucleic acid testing capabilities of medical and health institutions in the city, meet testing needs, provide testing services, and maintain sufficient capacity reserves. Strengthen the operation and management of fever screening sentinels in existing community health service centers, and complete the task of setting up 48 community health fever screening sentinels (fever clinics). Maintain an epidemiological investigation team at the city and district levels with no less than 3,600 people, and solidify the flow traceability working mechanism of system collaboration, departmental collaboration, and cross-regional linkage. Dynamically revise and improve the guidelines for epidemic prevention and control, and strengthen the supply of professional technical services. We will ensure that the city’s new crown vaccination services for suitable populations are carried out in a stable and orderly manner, closely monitor suspected abnormal reactions to vaccination, and provide medical treatment.
   (2) Strengthen case treatment and prevention and control of hospital infections. Do a good job in the treatment of patients with new coronary pneumonia, and maintain an orderly, graded and designated treatment pattern. Strengthen the training of personnel in medical institutions, continue to improve the ability to treat patients with new coronary pneumonia, especially critically ill patients, and minimize the rate of severe illness and mortality. Strictly manage the prevention and control of hospital infection in medical institutions, continue to implement appointment appointments at different times, and strictly prevent cross-infection and clustered epidemics in hospitals.
   (3) Strengthen supervision and inspection of epidemic prevention and control measures. Strengthen the supervision and inspection of disease prevention and control institutions, medical institutions, blood collection and supply institutions, secondary water supply units, disinfection product manufacturers and public places for normalized epidemic prevention and control work. During the emergency response period of the epidemic, a special supervision work plan shall be formulated, the supervision and law enforcement forces of the city shall be coordinated, and the supervision and inspection of the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures shall be strengthened in accordance with the city-level supervision and urban linkage mode, and violations of laws and regulations shall be strictly investigated.
  Second, provide medical and health protection for major events
   (4) Do a good job in epidemic prevention and control and medical and health protection for the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party. Pay close attention to the epidemic risk dynamics, do a good job in epidemic risk assessment, research and judgment, monitoring and early warning, formulate an epidemic prevention and control work plan, do a good job in personnel epidemiological history screening, health monitoring, nucleic acid testing and other health screening measures, as well as cleaning and disinfection, Site epidemic prevention and control measures such as body temperature monitoring and indoor ventilation. Scientifically and carefully formulate special security plans for medical security, disease prevention and control, health supervision, emergency security, etc., and make preparations for on-site medical and health security work and emergency response to public health emergencies.
  (5) Complete preparations for medical and health protection for the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics. We will provide medical and health protection for the 2020/2021 Beijing series of winter sports events, and explore and improve the protection model for large-scale sports events. Promote the preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympics in medical and health protection, and form protection capabilities as scheduled; do a good job in food safety risk assessment, determine risk points, propose preventive countermeasures, and provide technical support for food safety protection.
  3. Promote the reform of the medical and health system
  (6) Strengthen the top-level design of healthcare reform. Adhere to the concept of general health and general health, study and formulate Beijing’s”14th Five-Year Plan” implementation plan for deepening the reform of the medical and health system, and deepen the joint reform of medical care, medical insurance, and medicine. In accordance with the relevant requirements of the state and the municipal party committee and government, research and formulate the city’s annual key work arrangements for deepening the reform of the medical and health system, and coordinate the implementation of various tasks. Deepen the comprehensive reform of public hospitals, and carry out the effect evaluation of the pilot modern hospital management system.
  (7) Promote pilot projects for the construction of health consortiums. Develop and issue municipal-level pilot work plans, initiate pilot work in Dongcheng District, Xicheng District, Huairou District, and Pinggu District, and carry out evaluation and evaluation in a timely manner to accumulate experience for deepening the construction of health consortia.
   (8) Strengthen the construction of a coordination mechanism for medical reform. Give play to the overall coordination role of the medical reform leading group, strengthen the daily work of the medical reform office, improve the medical reform communication mechanism, and study and promote the key tasks of the medical reform. In conjunction with the Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee, a special training course on deepening medical reform was held.
  4. Strengthen public health and the prevention and control of major diseases
   (9) Strengthen the health emergency system and capacity building. Establish a pre-hospital emergency medical rescue team at the city and district levels to standardize the series of standards and work procedures for pre-hospital emergency medical rescue. Complete the unification of the city’s pre-hospital medical emergency call numbers, and realize the city’s unified command and dispatch of pre-hospital medical emergency services. Promote the implementation of the”Beijing Special Plan for the Spatial Layout of Pre-hospital Medical Emergency Facilities”, and build, renovate and expand 201 emergency stations. Over 70%of the city’s site construction tasks have been completed. Coordinate and promote the construction of social first aid capabilities such as AED deployment in key public places.
   (10) Promote the construction of a public health emergency management system. Accelerate the implementation of the tasks of the”Three-year Action Plan for Strengthening the Construction of the Capital Public Health Emergency Management System (2020-2022)”. Incorporate the performance of public health duties by medical institutions into the performance evaluation index system, and carry out the implementation and work evaluation of the public health responsibility list of medical institutions. Actively promote the reform of the disease control system, explore and promote the salary performance management mechanism and salary increase mechanism of”first-class management, second-class incentives”, and promote the standardization of urban two-level disease control institutions. Upgrade the city’s emergency command and dispatch system for public health emergencies, and create an emergency command and dispatch platform that connects the urban area and reaches the grassroots. Improve the emergency plan system for public health emergencies, revise the overall plan, and supplement special plans and related work plans. Further enrich the reserve of health emergency supplies, and issue a guide catalog for the reserve at the municipal and district levels.
   (11) Consolidate the effectiveness of the prevention and control of major diseases. Pay close attention to the situation of infectious diseases at home and abroad, do a good job in the risk research and judgment of new, imported and traditional infectious diseases, and effectively prevent and control the import of overseas infectious diseases. Guided by the construction of a comprehensive AIDS prevention and control demonstration zone, promote the in-depth development of AIDS prevention and control; improve innovative work models such as Internet + HIV testing, new media publicity intervention, risk assessment, pre- and post-exposure prevention, and maintain high-quality development of antiretroviral treatment and follow-up care . Promote the construction of designated tuberculosis medical institutions in cities and districts, innovate tuberculosis prevention and treatment models, and achieve an effective connection between prevention, treatment and management. Promote active tuberculosis screening for close contacts of patients with active tuberculosis, patients with type 2 diabetes, and the elderly over 65 years of age. Consolidate the effectiveness of the comprehensive management of severe mental disorders, innovate measures for patient compliance management, implement affordable policies, and improve service capabilities; strengthen the prevention and treatment of common mental disorders, and explore early detection and intervention measures for common mental disorders and psychological behavior problems such as depression.
   (12) Improve the level of public health services. Implement basic public health service project tasks in accordance with national regulations. Further improve the immunization prevention management, strengthen the management of vaccination clinics, immunization planning information, prevent abnormal vaccination reactions, and vaccine storage and distribution, and provide benefits to the people such as seasonal influenza vaccine and elderly pneumonia vaccination. Promote the construction of demonstration zones for the comprehensive prevention and control of chronic diseases, and Dongcheng District, Haidian District, and Fengtai District will welcome the review of national demonstration zones. Focusing on”three reductions and three health”, expand the connotation of healthy and supportive environment construction. Implement major national public health service projects, and do a good job in screening and intervention for key chronic disease high-risk groups. Optimize the process of oral public health service projects, and promote comprehensive interventions in infant oral health. Strengthen the construction of the psychological service system, enhance the ability of the psychological crisis professional team, provide psychological assistance hotline services, and carry out mental health examination and assistance for residents and brain health examination services for the elderly. Do a good job in public health monitoring and evaluation of common diseases and risk factors for students, rural drinking water, iodine deficiency disorders, and drinking water-type fluorosis.
   (13) Strengthen the patriotic health campaign and health promotion work. Organize and convene a working conference on patriotic health and health in Beijing. Consolidate and strengthen the construction of the city’s patriotic health organization system, continue to carry out weekend health day activities, do a good job in the prevention and control of seasonal vector organisms, and strengthen patriotic health and social publicity. Improve and improve the rules of procedure and operating mechanism of the Healthy Beijing Promotion Committee, carry out dynamic monitoring and trial evaluation of the implementation of the Healthy Beijing Action and indicator data, and launch the fifth Healthy Beijing Week publicity activities. We will do a good job in the national assessment of the fifth batch of national health promotion zones, start the implementation of the sixth batch of national health promotion zones, and promote the construction of schools, communities, government agencies, enterprises and institutions and other health promotion places. Daxing District and Fengtai District create national health districts, and Shunyi District, Fangshan District (including Yanshan District), Tongzhou District, Huairou District, Pinggu District, Miyun District, Yanqing District, Tiananmen District and key station areas (Western Station) welcome the national health District review to promote the creation of national sanitary towns and sanitary streets. Taking the”World No Tobacco Day” and the 6th anniversary of the”Beijing Smoking Control Regulations” as an opportunity, a series of tobacco control publicity activities were carried out. Continue to promote the construction of a smoke-free environment. Improve the management mechanism of health science popularization experts, and vigorously carry out expert health science popularization activities. Continue to consolidate and improve the capacity of grassroots public health committees.
   (14) Carry out food safety work. Promote the construction of a comprehensive food safety information platform, and do a good job in linking up with infectious disease surveillance. Improve food safety risk monitoring and early warning capabilities, make food-borne disease monitoring more accurate and efficient, and carry out research on key technologies for monitoring and evaluation. Demonstration of reasonable diets will be carried out in 10 outlying suburbs, and appropriate technologies for promoting reasonable diets and improving nutritional literacy will be formed. Carry out food safety standards publicity training.
  5. Improve the quality and level of health services
   (15) Improve the level of medical services. Focusing on the weak links of medical services and the pain points and difficulties of medical services for the masses, we will formulate and implement a key action plan for improving medical services in 2021 to further improve the convenience and comfort of medical treatment for the masses. Promote the implementation of international medical service reform and innovation tasks and demonstration projects, and continue to improve the level of international medical services. Promote the innovation of the”Internet +” service model, advance the construction of Internet hospitals, and explore the establishment of an online and offline integrated medical service model that covers pre-, during and after-diagnostics. Establish and improve the development model of”1 Internet medical service supervision platform + N Internet medical sub-platforms” for Beijing Internet medical care, and implement inclusive and prudent supervision. Improve the quality standards and management practices of pre-hospital medical first aid, strengthen industry supervision, improve relocation services, expand charging methods, strengthen the connection of pre-hospital first-aid services, and improve the level of pre-hospital medical first aid services.
   (16) Optimize the allocation of medical resources. Strictly implement the city’s general regulations and the”prohibited and restricted list” system in the medical field, and strictly implement the requirements for the total number of beds and the number of newly established medical institutions in key regions. Continue to play the role of the Yizhuang campus of Tongren Hospital and reduce the scale of beds at the current site. Accelerate the construction of relief projects such as the relocation of Beijing Stomatological Hospital and the expansion of Jishuitan Hospital’s Huilongguan campus. Do a good job in the construction of the national medical center, and promote the level approval and capacity building of the suburban regional medical center hospital. Continue to encourage and guide the development of social medical services, and increase policy support. Promote the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei-Lu medical care and expand the scope of mutual recognition of imaging examination results. Continue to promote the sinking of high-quality medical resources in rural areas, establish a long-term mechanism for large hospital expert resources to support rural areas, and explore services such as remote information consultation and remote free consultation in qualified mountainous areas to improve accessibility. Study and formulate integrated management standards for transferring village clinics to community health service stations.
   (17) Improve the medical service system. Continuously improve and promote the construction of medical consortia, continue to promote the quality and expansion of the compact pediatric medical consortium, and promote the pilot construction of the compact county medical community. Actively promote grassroots appointments and referrals within the medical union, increase the sinking of the number source, improve the construction of the “primary-level referral appointment service platform”, unblock referral channels, standardize the referral process, and improve the use of exclusive number sources for primary health referrals. Carry out the selection of key clinical specialties at the municipal level in 2021, and strengthen the construction of weak specialties. Formulate the”14th Five-Year Plan” for the construction of the rehabilitation medical system to improve the construction of the rehabilitation medical system. Formulate the”Beijing Nursing Career Development Implementation Plan (2021-2025)” to promote the development of the nursing career, and promote the Internet nursing services and the vocational skills training of nurses. Formulate opinions on strengthening and improving Beijing’s mental medical service work to improve mental medical service capabilities. Establish a number of specialty departments for primary diseases (hypertension, diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, rehabilitation) in community health service institutions to improve community diagnosis and treatment capabilities, attract patients to sink, and meet the needs of residents. Vigorously promote unpaid blood donation, formulate guidelines for the setting of street blood donation points for 2021-2025, maintain street blood donation points, and do a good job in publicity and organization of group unpaid blood donation; strengthen the construction of central blood banks, and each central blood bank can achieve independent blood collection and supply capabilities.
   (18) Improve the quality of primary medical and health services. Carry out the 2021 national”high-quality service grassroots line” activities. Newly build 10 community health service centers. Research and formulate standards for the construction and facility allocation of community health service institutions in Beijing. Expand the supply of village doctors, make up for the shortcomings of village-level medical and health care, and consolidate the full coverage of village-level medical and health services through various forms such as building village-level medical and health institutions, making rounds, purchasing services, and assigning personnel to higher-level medical institutions. Increase the supply of contracted services through counterpart support, multi-point practice, purchase of services, re-employment of retired doctors, etc., improve the construction of contracted service packages for key groups, improve contracting service methods and contracting cycles, explore the development of”Internet + family doctor” services, and carry out family doctor signings Performance evaluation, and improve the quality of services signed by family doctors.
   (19) Strengthen the supervision of the medical and health industry. Promote inspections of large public hospitals. Complete the performance appraisal of the second and third-level public hospitals in 2020, and increase the use of performance appraisal results. Promote the construction of Beijing’s medical practice and service supervision platform, compile Beijing’s medical quality and safety reports, and carry out the evaluation of Beijing regional hospitals and key specialties through DRGs. Promote the establishment of quality control centers for organ transplantation, extracorporeal life support (ECMO), Internet medical care, international medical care, etc., carry out special medical quality improvement actions, private hospital management years, and organ transplant special rectification activities, and urge hospitals to practice legally and standardize diagnosis and treatment , Improve the quality of medical services.
   (20) Strengthen the management of medical equipment services. We will ensure the supply of medicines in short supply, continue to explore pilot projects for pre-examination of community prescriptions, and promote the capacity building of community pharmacists. Explore the path of Chinese pharmacy management for Internet medical services, and promote the pilot of smart pharmacy services. Comprehensively promote the quality control of pharmaceuticals, carry out the monitoring of antibiotics and other drugs, and continue to improve the level of rational drug use. Assist in the procurement of medicines and high-value medical consumables in quantity, and further control the cost of medical expenses. Standardize the rational use of large-scale medical equipment in this city, and strengthen the quality control management of large-scale medical equipment. Promote the pilot quality control of anesthetic drugs management, and carry out the second round of special inspections of narcotic drugs and psychotropic drugs in medical institutions.
   (21) Promote the improvement of the maternal and child health service network and the improvement of service quality. Promote the standardized construction of municipal and district maternal and child health care hospitals, launch the”Seventh Five-Year Plan” action for performance evaluation and high-quality services of maternal and child health care hospitals, and expand the pilot system and mechanism innovation of national maternal and child health care institutions. Promote the establishment of neonatology (ward) construction in maternal and child health care hospitals, regional medical centers and tertiary midwifery institutions, carry out evaluation of the use of transfer equipment for critically ill newborns in the district emergency center station, and improve the efficiency of newborn transfer in the jurisdiction. Deeply promote the construction of maternal and child health care demonstration specialty, establish a standardized and normalized management mechanism for community women and children’s health care standardized outpatient clinics, and increase the coverage of AA and AAA-level standardized outpatient clinics. We will deepen the foundation-building operations for the safety of mothers and babies, and implement nine measures for the safety of mothers and babies. Strengthen the comprehensive prevention and treatment of three-level birth defects, carry out the evaluation of quality service units for pre-marital and pre-pregnancy health care, and promote the elimination of mother-to-child transmission of AIDS, syphilis and hepatitis B. Create a model baby-friendly hospital, carry out the construction of a high-quality service base for early childhood development, and promote the extension of appropriate technology communities for early childhood development. Innovate the online issuance of birth medical certificates and the health evaluation service model of nursery schools, and strengthen the health care guidance of nursery schools. Standardize the construction of adolescent health care clinics, expand the coverage of menopausal specialist studios, and carry out evaluation of the effects of two cancer screenings. Implement basic contraceptive services into the basic public services, start the construction of post-abortion care service demonstration units, promote the city’s family planning technical service homogenization training and assessment, and carry out the”Beijing Tour of Women’s Health Care Technology Improvement Project”.
   (22) Promote occupational health service management. Carry out special treatment of occupational hazards in key industries such as medicine, chemical industry, and electronics, and strengthen the supervision and law enforcement of key enterprises such as high-risk dust and hazardous chemicals. Deepen the promotion of healthy enterprise creation activities, expand the scope of creation, and improve the management system and occupational hazard management measures. Strengthen the supervision and guidance of key occupational diseases, and solve the problem of direct online reporting of occupational diseases. Strengthen the publicity and training of occupational disease prevention and control, enhance the enterprise’s awareness of prevention and control of occupational disease hazards, improve the professional level of occupational health teams, and enhance the awareness of health protection for workers exposed to harm. Achieve a steady decline in new occupational disease cases.
   (23) Do a good job in monitoring the birth population and family construction. We will do a good job in monitoring the birth population, use information technology to improve the monitoring level, improve the population information system for all employees, and actively promote the cross-departmental sharing of information such as marriage registration, births, deaths, only-child disability, and medical insurance exemption. Optimize the birth service and family planning awards and special support policies, carry out the”heart-warming action”, optimize the setting of green channels for special families in the city and district, implement the family planning special family contact system, family doctors signing services, and priority convenient medical services” Three full coverage”. Vigorously promote the development of infant and child care services, refine relevant standards and regulations, and increase filing efforts; guide the standardized construction of childcare institutions, improve supervision and management, complete the creation of the first batch of municipal demonstration childcare institutions, and promote work in a timely manner in accordance with national requirements. To create a national model city for infant and child care services; improve the joint meeting mechanism for infant and child care services, clarify the”14th Five-Year Plan” indicators for the number of childcare services per thousand population, support the construction of inclusive childcare service facilities, and promote information on infant and child care services The construction of management system and strengthening the training of talents for childcare.
  6. Promote the development of Chinese medicine business
   (24) Give full play to the role of TCM in the prevention and control of infectious diseases. Establish a TCM syndrome monitoring platform and TCM syndrome investigation team, improve the TCM infectious disease prediction and early warning mechanism, organize and carry out TCM infectious disease training and emergency drills, build TCM disease prevention and control bases, and improve the emergence of new infectious diseases. Western medicine synergy mechanism.
   (25) Strengthen the quality management of Chinese medicine. Implement quality management improvement actions for the three diseases of Chinese medicine (patients, disease types, and conditions). Strengthen the quality management of clinical technology application in TCM medical institutions, and explore the development of graded and classified management of TCM clinical technology. Carry out the pilot evaluation of the quality responsible teacher system for Chinese herbal medicine decoction pieces, and promote it in a timely manner.
   (twenty-six) highlights the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine. Strengthen the construction of key specialties of traditional Chinese medicine, formulate and implement traditional Chinese medicine programs that run through the entire process of prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension, pulmonary diseases and other chronic diseases and tumors. Continue to promote the return of Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine. Start the improvement plan of Chinese medicine work in general hospitals (special hospitals), and improve the normalization mechanism of multidisciplinary diagnosis and treatment in collaboration between Chinese and Western medicine.
   (27) Improve Chinese medicine health services. Increase the content of traditional Chinese medicine in the grading training and care of elderly care workers. Improve the regional layout of municipal TCM pediatric diagnosis and treatment centers, research and promote the application of TCM health care programs and service packages for women and children groups, and enhance the TCM health care service capabilities of women and children health care institutions. Promote the construction of the National TCM Rehabilitation Medicine Center and the Beijing TCM Rehabilitation Center, and carry out training in TCM rehabilitation technology by classification and layering. Support the establishment of a TCM treatment consortium in the pilot health consortium, improve the capital’s TCM treatment service platform, and promote pretreatment intervention programs among key populations and patients with chronic diseases.
   (28) Strengthen the work of grassroots Chinese medicine. Deepen the implementation of Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Village (community), Chinese Medicine Health Care Project, Famous Chinese Medicine Project, and Chinese Medicine Treatment Proposal Health Promotion Project, and further promote the sinking of high-quality Chinese medicine resources to the grassroots. The city has built 100 community Chinese medicine health experience centers.
   (twenty-nine) build a highland of Chinese medicine science and technology. Establish the Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Science and Technology Innovation Professional Committee, establish the Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Science and Technology Innovation Alliance Platform, select a batch of technological innovation projects, and improve the mechanism of Chinese medicine research and development, transformation and promotion. Research and start the construction of the Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinical Medicine Research Center and the Evidence-based Medicine Center, establish a technical platform, research system and talent echelon with clinical research capabilities of Chinese medicine, and establish a sound evidence-based research system suitable for the characteristics of Chinese medicine.
   (30) Promote the inheritance and innovation of Chinese medicine. Research and start the”3+3″ project of traditional Chinese medicine inheritance and innovation. Summarize the law of inheritance and innovation of traditional Chinese medicine in Beijing, promote the classification and inheritance system of traditional Chinese medicine, and explore the combination of inheritance work with education of talents, technological innovation, and industrial transformation. Carry out six batches of teacher-initiated work at the municipal level. Start the selection of the 4th Capital Traditional Chinese Medicine Master.
   (Thirty-one) Speed ​​up the construction of Chinese medicine talents. Improve the talent evaluation standard system. Establish the city’s traditional Chinese medicine talent evaluation system and selection criteria and methods that conform to the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine. Launched the Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital Discipline Training Program.
   (32) Promote the internationalization of Chinese medicine. Support the national Chinese medicine service export base and key institutions of Chinese medicine service trade to explore the international market, and build an international comprehensive service platform for Chinese medicine health and wellness. Promote the”New Era Shennong Taste Baicao Project”. Support the innovation of Chinese medicine service trade in the free trade zone. Successfully host the 2021 China International Trade in Services Fair Chinese Medicine Launching Ceremony and the 6th Overseas Chinese Traditional Chinese Medicine Conference.
  VII. Actively respond to population aging
   (Thirty-three) Strengthen overall coordination. Formulate the”14th Five-Year Plan” for the development of the city’s aging cause, and cooperate with the preparation of the mid- and long-term plan to actively respond to population aging. Carry out the creation of a demonstrative elderly-friendly community, and coordinate the promotion of pilot projects for social governance of an aging population. Carry out the”Smart Helping the Elderly” action, and coordinate the promotion of the application of smart information products suitable for aging. Explore the establishment of an evaluation index for Beijing to actively respond to the aging of the population. The Beijing Municipality’s aging health information collaboration and decision-making support platform has been completed. Continue to carry out education on national conditions and market conditions for the aging of the population, and vigorously create a social atmosphere of respect and filial piety for the elderly. Intensify the promotion of law popularization and legal services for the elderly, and strengthen the protection of the rights and interests of the elderly.
   (Thirty-four) Enhance the service capabilities of integrated medical and elderly care services. Strengthen the education and training of medical personnel in integrated medical and elderly care institutions, and carry out inspections of the quality of medical and health services in integrated medical and elderly care institutions. Relying on the Beijing Geriatrics Hospital to build the”Beijing Medical Care Integrated Remote Collaboration Center”, to carry out the integrated medical care monitoring and expand the pilot of remote collaborative services for the integrated medical care. Research and issue the”Guiding Opinions on Carrying out the Construction of Home Care Beds”, exploring the synchronization of home health services such as contracting with family doctors and health management for the elderly.
   (Thirty-five) Improve the health service system for the elderly. Implement the management of cognitive impairment for the elderly with dementia, carry out pilots for prevention and intervention of the elderly with disability, expand the pilots for the psychological care projects for the elderly, promote the construction of geriatrics, and carry out the construction of”standardized health services for the elderly” in the city’s community health service centers. Continue to carry out the construction of friendly medical institutions for the elderly, further standardize the construction of health guidance centers for the elderly, and provide qualified medical institutions to carry out tranquillity care services, popularize and promote community and home tranquillity care services, and formulate and promulgate patient access standards and service items for tranquillity care services List and referral system. Speed ​​up the construction of nursing institutions by encouraging social forces to organize and transform public medical institutions, and improve the quality of rehabilitation medical services and service capabilities. Continue to provide free home health services for centenarians. The health management service rate for permanent residents over 65 years old is no less than 71%, and the integrated medical care service rate for disabled elders is no less than 80%.
  8. Strengthen health planning and legal construction
   (36) Strengthen health development planning. Formulate the city’s”14th Five-Year Plan” healthy Beijing construction plan and medical and health service system plan, and improve the city’s special plan for medical and health facilities in 2035. Promote the construction of major projects such as the relocation and construction of Tongzhou District of Anzhen Hospital and the Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Promote the construction of the”turnkey” aided hospital project in the Xiongan New Area and the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei medical and health coordinated development cooperation project. Carry out comprehensive management of traffic congestion around the city’s key hospitals.
   (37) Promote the construction of the rule of law in health. Further improve the health regulations and standards system, promote the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, and blood donation legislation, advance the revision of the”Regulations on Pre-hospital Medical and Emergency Services in Beijing”, do a good job in the study of basic medical health and health promotion legislative plans; improve the local health and health standard system, and advance Seventeen local standards were revised and implemented, and one sanitation standard in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei was promoted. Formulate the”Eighth Five-Year” law popularization plan, hold the”Eighth Five-Year” law popularization meeting, and carry out learning and publicity of key health laws and regulations and newly issued laws and regulations in multiple forms and channels.
   (38) Continue to optimize health government services. Implement the national business environment innovation pilot reform, optimize the business environment version 4.0 reform tasks, and the city’s 2021 government service leadership action plan, cooperate with the World Bank’s evaluation work, and continue to optimize services. Further standardize administrative examination and approval, and promote the full online handling of administrative matters. In accordance with relevant national policies, study and improve the access management measures for foreign-funded medical institutions in this city. Continue to promote the reform of electronic license management for physicians, nurses and medical institutions, advance the management of the clinic filing system, and optimize the process of handling government services.
  9. Strengthen the support and guarantee of health development
   (39) Strengthen the ideological and political construction of the health system. Comprehensively strengthen party building, improve the responsibility system for party building work, and explore industry party building work mechanisms. Carry out the main responsibility of administering the party strictly and rigorously, do a solid job in the special rectification of key areas and key links in medical and health, rectify the”four winds” without stopping, strictly enforce discipline and accountability, and continue to promote systematic inspections. Do a good job in guaranteeing trade union services, and unite and lead the majority of employees to listen to, follow the party, and make contributions. We will do a good job in service management for retired cadres, actively build a platform to give play to the superior role of old comrades, and promote the transmission of red genes and professionalism.
   (Forty) Pay attention to the safe construction of the health system. Establish and adjust the organization and leadership of safety construction, national security, security protection, anti-cult, immediate action upon complaint, and petition work, and improve related working mechanisms. Second-level and above hospitals fully implement the various tasks of the”Hospital Safety and Order Management Regulations”. Carry out safety production, fire safety, and implement supervision and inspection of hospital safety order management regulations. Adopt the government to purchase services, organize and carry out national security, safety construction, petitions, complaints and reports, and perform big data analysis immediately after receiving a lawsuit. Carry out immediate handling of industry complaints and monthly scheduling of safety and security work to improve the level of work quality. Improve the mechanism for immediate interviews upon receipt of complaints to increase the rate of resolution and satisfaction of the masses’ appeals.
   (41) Strengthen health supervision. Improve the health and health supervision system, promote the establishment of a comprehensive supervision mechanism, establish a team of 100 chief supervisors, explore the establishment of a health and health credit system and strengthen the use of credit rating results, and promote the construction of a centralized collection and transportation system for medical waste. Strengthen the supervision of law enforcement, revise the municipal health commission’s discretionary standards for administrative penalties, reasonably divide administrative penalties, standardize administrative penalties, and unify law enforcement standards. According to the principle of tolerance and prudence, we will study and formulate supervision measures for new business formats such as Internet hospitals. Intensively carry out the”double random, one open” work, and increase the frequency of random inspections of higher risk supervision objects. Continue to crack down on illegal medical practice, strengthen sanitation supervision of drinking water, promote the implementation of a comprehensive evaluation system for classified supervision of infectious disease prevention and control, and do a good job in sanitation supervision of schools, stadiums, fitness venues, and centralized air-conditioning and ventilation systems.
   (42) Comprehensively promote technological innovation. Accelerate the improvement of clinical research capabilities, build 5-10 demonstrative research wards, support the construction of research hospitals in the”three cities and one district”, support the transformation of high-level public hospitals into innovative research hospitals, and further promote the building of ethical review capabilities Recognize the results and implement the special public health project of the capital’s health development scientific research, implement innovative butler services, and promote the collaborative innovation and achievement transformation of medical research enterprises. Implement the 28 reform measures of Jingwei Science and Technology Innovation, promote the decentralization of scientific research team autonomy in medical and health institutions, broaden the financing channels for scientific and technological innovation, and continue to optimize the innovation ecological environment. Promote the establishment of a three-level biosafety laboratory open sharing mechanism between the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and Ditan Hospital, strengthen biosafety supervision and inspection, and ensure laboratory biosafety.
   (Forty-three) Strengthen the training of health professionals. Carry out global public health master’s and doctorate training, and start the first batch of cross-training on medical and prevention integration. Implement high-level public health talent selection and training projects. Implement the action plan to improve the quality of standardized training for residents, and steadily promote standardized training for specialist doctors. Strengthen the construction of a digital learning platform for continuing education, and promote the updating of the knowledge and skills of all employees. Intensify the training of general doctors and rural doctors, and carry out on-the-job training for all employees at the grassroots level and”return training” for general practitioners. Do a good job in the exchange and cooperation of health talents in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei.
   (Forty-four) Strengthen the construction of health information. Establish and improve information systems such as a new crown vaccination information platform and a unified information management platform for nucleic acid testing. Research and put forward the concept and plan for the construction of the health data area, and actively participate in the construction of Beijing Health Cloud. Standardize the data management mechanism to provide support for data sharing, openness and application. Promote the application of electronic certificates and other technologies, and increase the intensity of information to benefit the people. Implement the level of network security protection and critical information infrastructure security protection system, and increase the security protection of critical information infrastructure, important networks, data and applications.
   (Forty-five) Do other comprehensive protections. Strengthen the funding guarantee for health construction, improve the price policy of medical service items, and do a good job in adding and regulating the price adjustment of items, and carry out economic management annual activities in the city’s public medical institutions. Carry out health news propaganda, advanced model propaganda, popular science propaganda and social propaganda, carry out scientific advocacy work on”life and medicine”, vigorously develop medical social work, promote major decision-making social stability risk assessment, do a good job in mediating medical disputes, and strengthen medical care Communicate with patients and actively build a harmonious relationship between doctors and patients. Prepare well for the exhibition activities in the health section of the second China International Trade in Services Expo; implement key international cooperation projects in health and health, and do a high-standard health and foreign aid work. Consolidate the effectiveness of healthy poverty alleviation, do a good job in the connection of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization, and deepen intellectual assistance and regional cooperation.