Notice of Shaxian Snack Association on Soliciting Opinions on the Group Standards of”Shaxian Xiaolongbao (Quick Frozen)” and”Shaxian Steamed Dumplings (Frozen)
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All relevant units:

   According to the”Administrative Measures for Group Standards”, the group standards of”Shaxian Xiaolongbao (Quick Frozen)” and”Shaxian Steamed Dumplings (Quick Frozen)” prepared by our association have formed drafts for soliciting opinions. Relevant units put forward opinions and suggestions on this standard, and feedback the”Consultation Form” to the Shaxian Snack Industry Association before May 14, 2021. Thank you for your participation and support.
  Address:Third Floor, Snack Venture Headquarters, Snack City, Sha County, Fujian Province
  Contact unit:Shaxian Snack Trade Association
  Contact:Pan Wenting
  Contact number:0598-5820777
   Email:[email protected]
  Attachment:Solicitation of Comments Form